Invafresh: Revolutionizing Fresh Food Retail Operations

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In the fast-paced and digitally-evolving retail domain, grocers are faced with the challenge of keeping up with consumer demands for fresh and sustainable produce. Invafresh recognizes this challenge and has made it their mission to help global grocers transform their fresh food retail operations through the use of innovative technologies. With their centralized platform solution, Invafresh is revolutionizing the way grocers manage their fresh food inventory, from ordering to production planning, all while prioritizing compliance and sustainability. By leveraging the latest in AI and built-in analytics, Invafresh is empowering grocers to optimize their merchandising and replenishment processes, resulting in increased efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Innovative Solutions for Fresh Food Retailers

Invafresh’s Fresh Retail Platform is a centralized platform solution that utilizes AI and built-in analytics to optimize merchandising and replenishment processes. The platform offers several modules, including demand forecasting, recipe management, scale management, ordering, production planning, inventory management, commissary fulfillment, food waste reduction, food traceability, and nutrition label printing. These modules work together seamlessly to provide retailers with the tools they need to manage their fresh food operations more efficiently.

Modern Strategies for Grocery Stores Selling Perishable Goods

The Fresh Retail Platform from Invafresh is a consolidated platform that has in-built analytics and artificial intelligence for better merchandising and stocking. Modules on the platform help with things like anticipating demand, managing recipes and scales, placing orders and planning production, keeping track of inventories and shipments, handling fulfillment from a commissary, cutting down on food waste, tracking where items came from, printing nutrition labels, and more. The integrated nature of these modules helps merchants streamline their fresh food operations management.

Invention Through Time

In 2003, Invafresh pioneered online scale management with the introduction of their proprietary technology. The business debuted its Fresh Retail Platform, which used AI and ML to make accurate predictions for the future of the fresh food industry, in 2008. The technology developed by Invafresh is now being utilized by 300 grocery stores in 18 countries, and the firm is still dedicated to finding new solutions to the problems specific to the sale of fresh food.

Customer-centred Strategy

The Freshologists at Invafresh are a team of fresh in-house specialists that have more than 500 years of combined industry expertise. They collaborate closely with clients to determine their specific requirements and provide tailored solutions. The tried-and-true agile, iterative delivery strategy used by the firm allows the platform to be moulded to the needs of individual shops and their operations.

Future-Oriented Thinking

Only Invafresh’s cloud-native platform has in-built analytics, making it the clear industry leader. The company is dedicated to expanding its cloud-based offerings in order to serve better the evolving requirements of its worldwide grocery store clientele. Invafresh is a market leader because of its innovative solutions for improving the quality of life in grocery stores and the lives of their customers by bringing them fresher, healthier, safer, and more sustainably sourced food.

By delivering cutting-edge solutions that prioritize compliance and sustainable practices in the merchandising and replenishment of fresh food, Invafresh is revolutionizing the retail fresh food industry. Thanks to its long history of innovation, dedication to its customers, and progress in cloud solutions, the firm is a major force in the food retail sector. Invafresh is well situated to aid shops in keeping up with the growing demand for fresh food in an ever-evolving market.

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