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iPlume Writing Inc., established in 2017, offers clients around the world the best writing and editing services available. iPlume works with clients who are creative thinkers, creating cutting-edge businesses and innovative initiatives. iPlume supports clients in communicating their ideas, brands, and passion projects with a clear and captivating tone. In addition to writing grant/RFP proposals, iPlume also writes website content like blogs, business documents, resumes/cover letters, and more.

Outstanding Non-Profit Work

Grant writing is one of iPlume’s primary services. Since 2017, they have secured over $15 million in federal, corporate, and private funding for their clients, with an 84% success rate. iPlume’s Change Program offers 25-50% discounts on their writing services, increasing financial accessibility for non-profits and underserved organizations. 15% of their services are donated to deserving organizations driving change in their communities. iPlume’s commitment to crafting top-tier funding proposals and content has opened doors for businesses, non-profits, and individuals worldwide. 

Committed to Remote Support

As iPlume marks its sixth year in business, it remains even more committed to providing the greatest writing and editing support possible to a global clientele that continues to expand. They have grown their team significantly over the last six years, gathering a team of writers with over 70 years of experience in the writing industry and expertise ranging from communications and non-profit leadership to science, the arts, and education. Their 100% remote business model allows them to support more clients while offering their team a strong work/life balance.

Variety of Writing & Editing Services

With their strong client success, 5-Star Google Reviews, and continued business expansion (primarily through word-of-mouth referrals), it’s clear that iPlume is making its mark on the writing industry. A complete list of their services includes:

  • Grant Writing
  • Proposal Writing
  • RFP Consulting
  • Business Documents
  • Webpage Content & Editing
  • Academic Editing
  • Book Writing & Editing
  • Emails & Letters
  • Non-Fiction Writing
  • Resume Writing/Editing
  • Social Media Content
  • …And More!

iPlume’s continued innovation and business success resulted in the company being named a finalist at the 2022 CanadianSME National Business Awards. CEO Amanda Rogers was able to attend the award ceremony in May at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Amanda was thrilled to meet the other nominees, including iPlume’s client and CanadianSME Best Business Innovation Award Winner Andy Straisfeld, VP and Partner of MEA Health. Reflecting on her experience at the award ceremony, Amanda had this to say: “It is such an honour to be nominated for a CanadianSME Business Award. While iPlume has grown over 500% just over the past two years, our commitment to excellence has remained the same. Thank you to our clients for their continued support. We look forward to working with more clients as we expand our company to offer RFP writing services!”

To learn more about iPlume’s writing and editing services, visit their website at: https://iplumewriting.com/

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