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Caitlyn Vanderhaeghe has always been an entrepreneur. From a very young age, she would collect flowers from her mother’s garden, make bouquets, and sell them to her neighbours. Then, when she was a little older, she started helping her mother pack orders and file the never-ending paperwork of an entrepreneur. These experiences eventually led her to start a company of her own. 

Beginning From Childhood

From the time she can remember, Caitlyn Vanderhaeghe and her brother Kyle Head have lived and breathed all things natural health through the work of their mother, nutritional health expert Lorna Vanderhaeghe. Under their mother’s influence, the siblings were encouraged to ask questions, not accept the standard doctrine, and seek alternative solutions when possible.

After school and on weekends, they would pack orders for their mom’s first supplement company and attend conferences and health food trade shows with her. 

Healthy habits were valued in their home, and they learned about nutrition on a daily basis. Juice and other foods containing sugar or synthetic substances were prohibited. Instead, their meals and treats, like their mother’s mountain cookies, were packed with nutritional components.

Even when they became adults, they continued in the natural health industry, running their mother’s women’s supplement company, where Caitlyn managed the supply chain and Kyle handled the information technology divisions.

Commitment To Kids’ Health

When they became parents, Caitlyn and Kyle were unsatisfied with the selection of children’s nutritional supplements available on the market. 

It happened when one of Caitlyn’s three daughters was diagnosed with serious iron deficiency anemia at the age of two. In a market search, they recognized the lack of clean supplements to complement Caitlyn’s daughter’s nutrient requirements and the need for a children’s nutritional supplement line.  

Supplements marketed as ‘healthy’ were full of sugar, sucralose, soy, fillers, titanium dioxide, and harmful artificial ingredients. They looked for supplements that had no adverse effects, were effective, and did not include any unnecessary or dangerous ingredients. Unfortunately, Caitlyn and Kyle realized that such a product didn’t exist. 

They knew they had to take action and decided to develop nutrients they would be happy to provide their children.

They understood from their years of experience that it was possible to create and manufacture pure nutrients supported by research. They also realized they could create tasty nutrients so kids would request them and healthy parents could feel assured.

Fuelled by their passion for good health and commitment to their kids’ health, Caitlyn Vanderhaeghe and Kyle Head founded KidStar Nutrients, a Canadian natural health company.  

Heading With Trust

As president and CEO, Caitlyn Vanderhaeghe is devoted to educating parents about optimal nutrition, developing top-quality products and, most importantly, bringing a mother’s perspective to the team.

With over a decade of experience managing the supply chain, sourcing ingredients, and developing natural health products, she knows what it takes to make a great supplement.

She is a health advocate, licensed teacher, published children’s author and popular mommy blogger. Her passion for all things natural health has driven her to develop nutritional supplements that are clean and pure, providing only the ingredients needed for optimal health and nothing more. 

Kyle Head is the Chief Technology Officer for KidStar Nutrients. Growing up in a family-run nutrition company that aimed to help others, ingrained in him a lifelong love for health and nutrition. As a husband and devoted parent, he is committed to supplying his family with the most nutritious supplements.

KidStar is his way of ensuring the same thing for other families. Kyle brings to KidStar his experience managing technology-related at one of Canada’s fastest-growing firms. He is in charge of all operational and technical aspects and collaborates with his sister to provide families with high-quality, clean, natural nutrients.

KidStar Nutrients offers clean supplements, as they believe a supplement should only contain what you need and nothing more. In addition, parents can feel good about giving nutrients to their children as their products are third-party, independently tested, and safe.

KidStar Nutrients is a proudly Canadian, family-managed company. To know more about their products, visit their website at

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