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Kreative Kustoms is Sherwood Park’s one-stop for unique and personalized keepsakes and gifts with a touch of charm and humorous sarcasm, which sells 100% local and handmade products by collaborating with over 100+ local Canadian artists. 

Kreative Kustoms is a local collective gift shop and boutique specializing in custom merchandise to make your perfect personalized gift or keepsake. They offer a broad collection of handmade adult and kids apparel, home decor, woodwork, housewares, stationary, greeting cards, jewelry, coffee mugs and drinkware, body care, accessories, savoury and sweet snacks, and more. 

They aim to encourage and support local businesses in a friendly, open market environment where shopping is made easy and convenient.

They simplify the process of shopping local by showcasing a large variety of unique handmade items curated by local Canadian artisans. They are also passionate about supporting vendors who enjoy curating as much as they do. For this purpose, they have brought together a community of like-minded artisans across Canada to bring a collective of fine arts and gifts. 

The Growth of a Dream 

From a very young age, Kristen Wysocki was passionate about creating and spent a lot of time planning, crafting and organizing in some way, shape or form. 

In 2015, she took the next level to her crafting when she purchased a printer and plotter. She found her niche in the craft when she got obsessed with creating party decorations and custom gifts. With support from family and friends, Kristen decided to turn her hobby into a small home-based business out of her basement in Sherwood Park, AB. 

Even though her business outgrew her little home office, even though she dreamt of something bigger and better, and even though she considered opening a storefront for several years, all these visions seemed out of reach for many reasons, in particular, her self-doubt. 

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Amidst the COVID hit in 2019, Kristen found it the perfect timing to start looking for ideal retail space. It was envisioned as a space that not only showcased her items, but she wanted it to be a space that helped other small business owners to feature their creations without having to worry about the overhead cost and risk of their own space. 

Once the space was decided and finalized, she called for local vendors to join. Kristen was received with an overwhelming response of interest within a short time. However, even at the beginning of the endeavour, she was surrounded by thoughts of self-doubt, wondering if she would ever be able to fill the space.

In less than a year, she had to knock out a wall to expand for more space. Finally, in November 2020, the shop was opened to the public, and Kristen left her full-time job. 

The Accolades for the Dream 

Kristen Wysocki has been recognized for her hard work in bringing her dream into reality while ensuring that the community benefits along with her. She was the recipient of Sherwood Park’s 2021 New Entrepreneur Business Award Recipient, YEG’s 2022 Best Gift Shop (platinum), Boutique (silver) and Home Decor(platinum) and Sherwood Park’s 2021 Best Boutique (platinum) and Home Decor (platinum). 

Since starting her business, Kristen Wysocki has undergone a significant change as she kept aside the self-doubt that pulled her from exploring her full potential. She is now a propagator of self-belief and trust and motivates others to believe they are stronger than they think. 

There’s something for everyone in Kreative Kustoms. To know more about their products, visit their website at

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