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Sam owns the TikTok Coach. She worked as an operational consultant for the past decade, but at heart, she has always been an entrepreneur. Since she has two children of her own, she’s aware of how demanding social media can be for certain people. There are benefits to be had, but it’s not simple and takes time. Working with SHE.E.Os who want to earn more by working smarter, not harder, is her area of expertise. 

How did she discover TikTok? She started using it when she wanted to market and expand her own start-up business, and soon, she went from having no followers to having 120K+. She used the platform to obtain exposure, which led to partnerships, speaking engagements, and even sales. She remained persistent in her experiments and concluded that TikTok had a lot of unrealized potential and that brands and companies weren’t taking full advantage of it. 

At that point, she realized she had to contribute by spreading all the advice she had acquired. She has worked with a number of companies, from lawyers to coaches to multiple She.E.Os in various industries. Her goal is to guide and educate you on how to produce more interesting content that turns your followers into genuine paying clients.

If you are intrigued, connect with her to collaborate in so many different ways. You can schedule a discovery call and talk. 

C.E.O’s Mastering TikTok- Group Coaching

This program is intended for business owners who consider themselves to be really aggressive in their industry and are prepared to gain the recognition they deserve on TikTok.

This program can be availed for $3,300 or in a 4-payment plan of $900. It’s a 3-month group coaching program. An upcoming session is taking place from September 27, 2023 – December 13, 2023. Here‘s what you get:

  • All program advantages are available for the duration of the program
  • Sam V. provides ongoing email help.
  • Kick-off strategy jam session (one full day)
  • Four Implementation sessions
  • 1-month content calendar designed for group
  • Three private one-on-one coaching calls
  • Eight group coaching sessions

Executive V.I.P – 1:1 Package

This program can be availed for $9997 or in a 4-payment plan of $2999. It’s a 6 Months one-on-one coaching program. Here‘s what you get:

  • Access to all program benefits during the program
  • Ongoing Whatsapp support from Sam V
  • A one-month content calendar created based on your industry and what’s popular on TikTok. There are instructions on how to film and what hashtags to use to reach your target audience and enhance your reach
  • Eight one-on-one coaching sessions and eight sessions for implementation
  • Kick-off strategy session (Two hours) covering all TikTok how-tos

Corporate Package

Price is on request for this program. The TikTok Coach assists brands in identifying and putting into practice the media strategies that best correspond with their TikTok audiences, both current and potential. Here’s what you get:

  • Plan that is unique to your brand and just your brand only.
  • Launch of their marketing team’s brand & strategy jam session.
  • Creating outstanding content that distinguishes you from the competition.
  • They will offer advice on TikTok advertising and how to target your niche after digging into your stats. They will teach you the message to convey, as well as make engaging content for your viewers and learn the art.
  • Tailored white-glove services are available in this package.

Samantha Vlasceanu has become a highly popular entrepreneur for her disruptive branding efforts through TikTok. To engage in any of their specialized programs, connect with them by visiting their website here: https://www.thetiktokcoach.ca  

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