Lisa Karandat and Alexa Monahan: Inspiring People To Take Small Change Everyday

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Lisa Karandat and Alexa Monahan founded Good JuJu to inspire and empower people to make small, incremental changes to their daily routines, hoping to change the world together. 

Good Juju Body & Home is a line of all-natural and plastic-free everyday essentials. 

Thoughtful Impact

After spending much of their careers directly impacting Canadians’ health, Lisa and Alexa decided to change consumer behavior to make a measurable impact on the environment while creating a more sustainable business model.

Having spent years working in the natural health industry, they have witnessed the power of pure, natural ingredients on people’s health on a daily basis. As a result, they believe that what you put on your body is equally important as what you put in it.

They also know that our daily choices matter on a micro and macro level. They have seen firsthand how beneficial organic farming is for the quality of ingredients it produces and the quality of the soil and the environment. They have also learned how harmful and unnecessary single-use plastics are to our health, the environment, and the future of our planet.

Lisa and Alexa are passionate about natural health and the environment, and they are passionate about change. However, they have learned how harmful and unnecessary single-use plastics are to our health, the environment, and the future of our planet, and they know that the journey to zero waste can feel overwhelming. 

They know that reversing centuries of abuse done to our planet is a big task and recognize collective action’s cumulative power. In their journey, their mission is to help you Clean Your Routine by removing single-use plastics from your everyday life.

They strive to create a community of changemakers who inspire others to clean up their daily routines. They have set the goal of preventing 50 million plastic containers from entering the waste stream by 2030. 

Planning Zero-Waste 

Good JuJu makes all-natural, zero-waste products for your body and home that are good for you and the planet. For example, Good Juju’s shampoo and conditioners are formulated with the help of a naturopath and a hairdresser. 

These initiatives aim to clean up daily routines by removing unnecessary plastic and providing premium alternatives that make zero waste with zero compromises. 

Lisa and Alexa are keen to learn about plastic and how their everyday purchases impact the planet. They study the shocking statistics about the overconsumption of single-use plastic and how this issue affects the environment and our health. They discuss the life cycle of plastic, dirty versus clean energy, and the dangers of using fossil fuels and fracking. 

They strive to resolve these issues by offering alternatives to popular single-use plastic items, such as straws and plastic wraps. They are committed to not using any plastic in their business, 

Their beauty products, like solid shampoo and conditioner, help skip the water, ditch the bottle, and save the world. By using solid products, they eliminate the water and concentrate only on the good stuff. It means one bar of their solid shampoo or conditioner can take the place of as many as three plastic bottles.

Through this concept, they have ensured that fewer bottles are destined for the landfill over a year, resulting in far fewer emissions from plastic production and shipping, all that unnecessary water weight around.

Good Juju is proof that every choice we make has an impact extending past our bubble of existence. Paying closer attention to our decisions, purchases, and daily habits will start showing how these seemingly small actions create a ripple effect in the world.

Good Juju ensures zero waste with zero compromises. To know more about their products, visit the website at

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