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he COVID-19 pandemic is becoming a scary ride for small business owners. The coronavirus outbreak has caused many such businesses to shut down. Those who survived are functioning with a mere skeleton crew and/or complete remote workforce. Small businesses all over the world are finding themselves in a fast-changing climate and have to make decisions based on the requirements needed to fight the spread of the coronavirus. Small businesses have to make sure that they employ creative solutions as the pandemic continues to change our lives.

If you have a service that meets the needs of the people around you, getting the information out to your potential customers is necessary. What are some ways to navigate marketing your services during the pandemic?

Before we dish out any marketing expertise, make sure you’re that your business is an essential business to consumers. If you appear to be doing so for mere profits – people will begin to notice quickly, which can ruin the integrity of your business.

Do not Panic

For small businesses, COVID-19 could really be the end. If your company can survive the risk of going out of business, here are some tips that might come in hand:

Invest in your marketing

The situation is complex for everybody and most of your competitors are either going to stop investing in marketing or reduce it to a fraction of what they used to invest. Consider them to be the ‘Hare’ in this ‘Hare and Tortoise’ story. This is your chance to take the lead while they sit back and relax for a while. If you are unable to invest in marketing because of significant revenue losses, skip this step. For everyone else, this is the time to invest more in marketing because this will give you the lead in the years to come.

Reallocate your marketing funnel

The time has never been better for investing in Digital Marketing since trade shows and in-person events will be a huge NO during and immediately after the pandemic. It is time that you divert your budget to Digital Marketing.

Most people have stopped their Google Ads and moved their budget to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO will improve your rank in search results and help you overtake your competitors once the pandemic is over. This investment has the potential for huge returns once things go back to normal.

Optimize your Delivery Methods

You should consider the fact that seeing customers in person will change forever once the pandemic is over. Consider generating revenue, leads, and appointments through other means.

Here are some classic examples from around the world that small businesses are doing to promote their services:

  • Doctors are offering virtual consultations instead of the regular in-person consultations
  • Financial advisors and other similar professionals are also opting for virtual consultations
  • Local retailers are offering home delivery instead of allowing customers to visit their stores
  • Massage parlors and beauticians are promoting their products instead of their services since they can’t see customers in person
  • Certain restaurants and gift shops are offering discounts for up-front payment. Meaning, you can offer certificates where customers can pay $75 now and shop for $100 worth when your business reopens

Focus on your Current Customers

The Coronavirus pandemic is a good reminder to all of us that it is easier (and cheaper) to reach existing customers than to search for new customers.

Make sure you are helping your existing customer base in some way or another. This can be done in the form of additional services, faster delivery times or discounts on bulk orders, etc. Look out for other businesses that you can partner up with to offer more discounts and offers.

Enjoy this period

I agree that it is hard to enjoy this pandemic as the risk that follows is unprecedented. But remember, difficult times only test you for your ability to bounce back. Be cautiously optimistic that your business will do better once all of this returns to normal. This is a unique time in history and every moment is worth soaking in. Chances are that your business will be just fine.

Meanwhile, stay safe and stay at home!

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