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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, delivering a stellar user experience is paramount. Martello Technologies, a Canadian firm established in 1981, equips IT departments worldwide with one-of-a-kind SaaS solutions for maximizing productivity in today’s modern workplace using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. 

With a world-class team of seasoned hi-tech professionals, creative problem solvers, ambitious new grads, and an experienced board of directors, Martello is dedicated to delivering exceptional and productive digital user experiences.

Optimizing the Modern Workplace

As a Microsoft-recommended solution, Martello’s Vantage DX addresses the gap left by traditional performance monitoring tools by providing valuable insight into the user experience of essential cloud services. Vantage DX gives greater insights into the performance and user experience of Microsoft 365 and Teams by combining network and application performance data with intelligence about the user’s service experience. Unlike other competing DEM solutions, Martello provides a causal link between poor performance and a negative user experience and shows businesses exactly how to fix it. 

Cultivating Key Partnerships

Martello, as a member of Microsoft’s premier managed partner program, works in close collaboration with Microsoft to enhance the productivity of contemporary businesses through the use of Microsoft’s Vantage DX. The tech company also has strong relationships with other industry leaders, such as Mitel Networks, Paessler AG, a leader in network monitoring, and Orange Business Services, a Microsoft Operator Connect Partner. The company’s ability to provide its clients with innovative solutions is greatly facilitated by the partnerships it has cultivated.

Fostering Strong Bonds and Growth

Martello Technologies is a Canadian public corporation with offices and staff throughout the globe, including in Europe, North America, and Asia. Wesley Clover International, Sir Terence Matthews’s investment management firm and holding company, is a major investor in the company. This partnership incorporates Martello into the Alacrity Global Ecosystem, which helps inspire the next generation of business leaders to launch game-changing startups. To further demonstrate their dedication to expansion and new ideas, Martello recently launched a non-brokered private issue of common shares for aggregate gross proceeds of approximately CAD$2,400,000.

Leadership in Serving Larger Community

In addition to being a cutting-edge digital firm, Martello is a socially-progressive organization with global aspirations. The year 2020 saw the company successfully raising over $60,000 CAD for various charities through its annual ping pong tournament, Martello Madness. This event, which brings together tech companies in the Ottawa area, has now become a tradition and a prominent fixture in the local community, demonstrating the organization’s philanthropy. 

The company is also dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and has adopted eco-friendly practices. From supporting charitable causes to embracing sustainable practices, Martello’s unwavering commitment to excellence extends beyond its technological solutions and underscores its values and impact on society.

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