McDougall Energy Inc.: The Trusted Fuel-Providing Brand In The Market

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The Legacy

McDougall Energy Inc. began their journey in 1949 when Allan McDougall leveraged his experience working for Imperial Oil and established McDougall Fuels with his wife, Lucy, in Thessalon, Ontario. 

Today, the McDougall name is the face of their business and is dedicated to maintaining the same excellence in service and customer satisfaction that three generations of the family have built. 

They see the future as full of new possibilities where their values continue to reflect their history. As a result, they build trusted relationships, forming the foundation of their success from the beginning. 

McDougall Energy Inc. makes each acquisition, maneuver, or strategy decision with integrity and following their core values.

Family Business

McDougall Energy is a Canadian, family-owned business in its third generation of ownership that truly understands their customers’ fuel delivery and service needs. 

Their core business is providing homeowners with excellent propane and heating oil, commercial businesses with fuel and lube delivery, and retail dealers who own and run their fuel stations with peace of mind. Increasingly, businesses, homes, motorists, and wholesale clients in Canada rely on McDougall Energy to provide solutions that help them achieve their objectives.

McDougall Energy, now in its third generation of family ownership, has evolved to become one of Canada’s leading integrated distributors of Shell, Esso fuel, and Mobil lubricant products.

They continuously strive to develop their business by connecting with customers to understand their needs and providing industry-leading business solutions to assure their business partners’ growth and success.

Value Oriented 

As a family-owned business, their name is proudly displayed in everything they do. Hence, McDougall Energy is meticulous about distributing only superior products and providing services with a distinct focus on the customer experience.

They are a community-minded brand built on the support of the communities they serve across Canada. McDougall believes in investing in their communities through funding and sponsorships and dedicating endless volunteer hours to important initiatives and causes.

They are a purposeful company in how they do business and strive to earn the trust of their customers by making every customer be and feel important.

They envision becoming Canada’s largest, most diversified, 100% family-owned, privately held downstream distributor.

McDougall Energy is committed to operating on the core values of integrity by keeping their promises. Through courage, as they seek new prospects with confidence and commitment, by respecting individualism and valuing the contributions and perspectives of others, and by empathic listening to first understand both customers and staff. In addition, they emphasize education to enrich employees and customers through ongoing learning and focus on fun by appreciating what they do and taking pride in it.

They are home heating experts who offer their customers more than just heating oil and propane. They also offer reliable, efficient, and cost-effective whole-home heating solutions in Ontario so that you can relax and enjoy your home, regardless of what the weather is like outside.

McDougall Energy helps keep your business moving forward by saving you money and helping your business operate safely and efficiently in Ontario. They specialize in fuel delivery, whether directly into your equipment, onsite card lock fueling, or wheel-to-wheel for those on the go and deliver fuel where and when you need it. They have the tools and resources to get ahead and stay ahead. 

They also focus on independent gas station owners by providing advanced business solutions to create a superior customer experience. In addition, they partner with clients to power your business forward as a retail dealer by offering popular value-added services, including rewards programs, convenient payment options, car washes, and a variety of quality food and beverage services. 

Trusted Name 

McDougall Energy Inc. has been heating your home, powering your business and fuelling customers since 1949. They are a family business that provides gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel, commercial lubricants, and propane to power businesses and residents in Canada.

The key to their success has been listening to their customers, building relationships, providing unmatched service, and delivering on their promises.

Since 2011, McDougall Energy has been recognized as one of Canada’s best-managed companies, achieving Best Managed Platinum Member status.

McDougall Energy Inc operates in various regions across Canada, serving households, businesses, motorists and wholesale energy customers since 1949. For more information, visit

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