MedMe Health: Transforming Pharmacy Care Through Technology

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MedMe is building the operating system for future pharmacies, powering their transformation from dispensaries to community healthcare hubs.

To create proactive pharmacy care, MedMe has created data-driven software to replace the dated, disparate status quo. In addition, they try to address the issues of rising healthcare costs, an aging population, and reactive care.  

Creating The Future Pharmacies

Purya Sarmadi is the Co-Founder and CEO at MedMe Health. He is a health informatics, and analytics professional turned entrepreneur building the operating system for future pharmacies, shifting today’s dispensaries to tomorrow’s community healthcare hubs.

They believe that pharmacists can step out from behind the counter and give patients lasting care from start to finish when they are given the right tools. MedMe is building solutions to usher in this new generation of pharmacy. 

They create a space of personal development that align with the mutual growth of the company and the employee. They prioritize people and support one another by having flexible hours to adapt to any schedule and staying connected with in-person or online retreats and socials. They have a global team that works with people across the globe, including the US, France, Brazil and India.  

As an interdisciplinary team of pharmacists, product designers, health informatics strategists, and software engineers passionate about improving pharmacy care quality, they are excited to continue building the future of healthcare.

Their mission is to build an all-in-one cloud-based platform that empowers pharmacists to schedule, document, and manage clinical services at scale.

Their clients include the two biggest pharmacy chains in Canada. They work with more than 3000 pharmacies and power over 14 million patient services. During the pandemic, they played a vital role across the country. In addition, they have raised more than $3.7 million USD from places like Microsoft’s M12, MaRS IAF, and Y-Combinator.

Built for the Pharmacy Need 

Their digital solution, MedMe, is helping pharmacies perform timely, intelligent, proactive care. In addition, they help pharmacies get a complete view of their operations to accelerate growth and enhance the patient experience.

It helps clients to free themselves from tedious tasks by integrating tools that enable them to focus on patient care, practice and long-term growth. For example, through the MedMe solutions, pharmacies can mark patient eligibility for current and future services, control whom they send booking links to based on inventory and keep the waiting list under control using specified link expiration dates and booking windows.

MedMe has made a scheduler exclusive to pharmacies, making it easy for a team of pharmacists to schedule appointments with different types, custom lengths, and call methods, all from within MedMe. In addition, it ensures appointments are maintained through text and email notifications.

The scheduler has flexible settings for recurring and non-recurring availability to support dynamic pharmacy schedules, an easy-to-use patient interface, separate calendars for multiple rooms, flexible staffing arrangements, and easy-to-manage booking and availability for one-time or recurring clinics.

MedMe keeps a direct record of a patient’s consent for auditing purposes and enables patients to participate in virtual consultations. In addition, it can automatically add clinical notes to a patient’s profile to get a full picture of their medical history.

It eases the documentation process by auto-generating pre-filled PDFs, easily making changes across multiple patients with Batch Update, providing document now and print later option and providing outbound communication support to other providers using eFax. 

Through their tele-health feature, patients can securely conduct video and phone consultations anywhere through MedMe and receive files and documents through secure, encrypted links.

Their online payment helps pharmacies collect online payment when booking and set refund policies and pricing securely and conveniently through Stripe Payments.

MedMe also comes with follow-ups and reminder features that reduce no-show rates and complete pre-appointment screening. This feature allows patients to automate scheduled communications with links to book follow-up appointments and set manual reminders for everything else.

MedMe works with the pharmacy’s management software (PMS), removing the extra work of re-entering patient information like medications, allergies, or medical conditions, making virtual care reliable and easy.

MedMe Health was building on rapid growth and role throughout the pandemic to take their modular platforms to the next level, providing community pharmacies of all sizes and geographies the transformative technology to service high-quality care experiences and accessible healthcare offerings to their patients.

MedMe believes in creating a new status quo for proactive pharmacy care. For more information, visit their website at

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