More Ways to Reach Customers Through Video, AI-Powered Tools and Improved Ad Formats

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  • New engaging video options for product storytelling in Advantage+ catalog ads
  • Introducing new ways to drive sales through Reminder ads, highlighting promotions and ads with product tags
  • Helping retail media networks reach customers on Meta and measure the omnichannel impact of their campaigns

Global retailers are already taking advantage of Meta’s AI-powered solutions to quickly create content, develop deeper customer relationships and increase sales. Shoppers also want to make faster purchase decisions without the need for outside help or guidance. Today we’re introducing new AI-powered tools that provide more information and personalization to people at the moment of discovery to give them the confidence to make a purchase after seeing an ad.

Bringing dynamic storytelling to the AI-powered Advantage Suite

Almost all of our advertisers use at least one of the tools in our Advantage Suite to optimize their ad performance. At the same time, Reels and video on our apps continues to grow as daily watch times across all video types grew over 25% year-over-year in Q4. In fact people now reshare Reels 3.5 billion times every day.

That’s why today we’re bringing the power of video to more products in Meta’s Advantage suite to help advertisers connect with customers and drive performance.

  • First is Advantage+ creative optimizations, which can now automatically optimize video ads for viewing on Reels or the mobile Facebook and Instagram apps with 9:16 ratio. Advantage+ creative optimizations also helps advertisers dynamically create multiple variations of an ad so that it can personalize them to what a person responds to best.
  • Second, advertisers using Advantage+ catalog ads – which automatically delivers product recommendations to people based on their interests – will be able to import and use creative like branded videos or customer demonstration videos, instead of just static images. After previously announcing the testing of this feature last year, we are now allowing all global advertisers to provide more engaging product information to shoppers in dynamic and personalized videos.
  • Lastly, in January, we launched the ability for advertisers to use Advantage+ creative with their Advantage+ catalog campaigns. Advertisers will now be able to upload a “hero” image in the center of their catalog ad, and we’ll then use Meta’s AI to dynamically show people the best products from their catalog to drive performance.

Advantage+ creative with Advantage+ catalog ads

Advantage+ catalog ads with product video

For DTC advertisers, Shops ads make it easier for people to make a purchase on Facebook or Instagram after seeing an ad. To enable more advertisers to take advantage of Shops ads, we’re expanding access to our integrations with Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Now more merchants can tap into AI-powered performance by using Advantage+ shopping campaigns and Shops ads together.

We’re also bringing Shops ads to Partnership ads (formerly known as Branded content ads). Now businesses can run Shops ads with creators, brands or other businesses, which brings the benefits of partnership and performance into a single campaign.

New dynamic formats to engage customers

In addition to bringing the power of AI to advertisers we’re also giving them new dynamic tools to reach their customers.

  • Reminder ads on Instagram allow advertisers to build awareness, anticipation, and consideration in advance of launches, events and moments. Now, advertisers can include external links to a new product or sale in their Reminder ads to help turn a person’s interest into a purchase. This summer, we’ll also give advertisers ways to notify people when an event starts and before it ends. We also plan to bring Reminder ads to Reels to give advertisers more engaging ways to reach customers.
  • We’re also making it easier for advertisers to highlight their promotions and help people discover and apply relevant, valid promo codes through Facebook and Instagram ads. Advertisers who used this feature had a 9.1% median reduction in cost per purchase in their campaigns and a 10.1% median increase in conversions. Today, we’re starting to roll out this feature to more businesses by announcing the global availability for alphanumeric promo codes.
  • Ads with product tags quickly direct people to more information, allowing them to shop via an ad and make a purchase. In March, we’ll bring ads with product tags to Facebook Feed (currently Instagram only), and in April, we’ll launch the global availability of ads with product tags to all businesses, whether or not they maintain a Shop.

Reminder ads

Highlight your promotions

Ads with product tags

Helping retailers enable their unique media network offerings

Retailers are building their own ad networks to help promote their brands to customers in new, personalized ways. Meta helps support media networks through Collaborative ads, a self service solution that enables retail media networks (RMNs) to market to people on our platforms with brand partners. With Advanced Analytics, retailers can prove that digital awareness drives in store sales with measurement and insights while respecting customer privacy.

We’re also testing the ability for advertisers to use Collaborative ads with Advantage+ shopping campaigns and a recent study showed advertisers saw a 14% increase in their return on ad spend and 13% decrease in cost per acquisition.

This spring we’ll also introduce Advantage+ Catalog ads with omnichannel brand and product level reporting as a new managed service solution to help RMNs prove that ads on Meta platforms drove sales online and in-store.

Fast Facts:

  • Lowe’s is partnering with Meta to measure the efficacy of their retail media network campaigns.
  • 79% of Gen Z (18-24) have purchased a product or service after viewing a Reel.
    • For this study, a sample of GWI core survey respondents, aged 16-64, who are weekly users of either Facebook Reels or Instagram Reels were recontacted. This survey was distributed by a panel in an online format to 6,758 respondents in seven markets (Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, UK and US) from November 14 – November 24, 2023.
  • 46.5% of consumers want to shop for products on their own without help or guidance.
    • Source: ‘Consumer Shopping Study’ by Kantar (Meta-commissioned online survey of 29,217 shoppers across Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States), September/October 2023.
  • Today almost all Meta advertisers are using at least one of the Meta Advantage products.
  • In a recent study of 925 Conversion Lift studies, advertisers globally saw a 3.47 omnichannel return on their ad spend (1.76x in-store and 1.71x online).
  • Over the Cyber Five weekend, cosmetic brand Fresh used Advantage+ shopping campaigns and Meta’s generative ad text variation tool to drive a 5-times higher return on ad spend and 42% increase in purchases compared to their normal campaigns.
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