Natasha Koifman – An Effervescent Woman Entrepreneur to Follow

Natasha Koifman - An Effervescent Woman Entrepreneur to Follow

Reputation is the most valuable asset for young professionals looking to pursue a career in public relations. Especially in the case of women, it is difficult not only to resolve misunderstandings that are common in the field but also to rise to a leadership position. 

The difference between managers and consultants is stark. Although women make up about 70% of PR staff, they are able to only hold 30% of industry-leading positions. There are few names in the Canadian public relations and communications scene eliciting the same kind of praise and respect as Natasha Koifman’s name. One of the initiators that prove the importance of representation is Natasha Koifman, the President of NKPR.

A Brief about Natasha Koifman

Natasha Koifman, born in Ukraine, immigrated to Canada at the age of five. She had her son when she was just 18 and brought him up while shuffling between a retail job and school. Then she moved to PR and worked for an agency promoting everything that arrived on her desk. She didn’t think it was right and wanted to do something that her son could be proud of. So, with faith, she got a brand mandate at the age of 30 and started NKPR in her basement. 

She is currently the President of NKPR, Co-founder of AN8 (an investment fund supporting entrepreneurs), President of Artists for Peace and Justice Canada Board, and also the Board of Directors of APJ USA.

Since then, Natasha Koifman’s career has been replete with accolades and awards, and her work to achieve productive results for the clients she works with has been recognized as inventive and creative. NKPR, a public relations agency she established in 2002 with offices in Toronto and New York, continues to serve as President and is widely regarded as one of Canada’s premier firms. Her company’s account list and the brands and names on it are exceptional to say. Equally impressive and admirable is the work Natasha along with her robust unit does in the PR circle is her philanthropic fondness – love and devotion for people that is beautifully reflected in her eagerness to support others and help those in need. In actuality, it seems to be the complementary balance of innate business skills and true charity that has so far underpinned her achievements and has inspired and informed her approach to leadership.

What Led Natasha Koifman Found to NKPR?

Launching NKPR 16 years back, entrepreneurship hasn’t always been a career goal for Natasha. Instead, she sees it as a chance to make a mark and do what she thinks is best for the clients she represents. Previously working for an advertisement company, she opened the agency’s public relations department and found that the company’s management was male-dominated. Natasha Koifman’s turning point came one day when she thought this job wasn’t suitable for her.

For Natasha, leading with transparency and integrity is vital. Her time with this advertising company has helped her model to run her business successfully today. Another driving force in her entrepreneurial leap forward was making decisions her son would be proud of.

Natasha Koifman is now in a position where aspiring professionals look up to her for guidance and support. She trains and coaches young professionals whenever she gets any chance. Gazing back at her life as an 18-year old mother, played a massive role in her passion to motivate and inspire women to believe in themselves when it comes to fulfilling their dreams.

About Natasha’s Philanthropic Endeavours

The positive impact and values Natasga speak of are highlighted in the various philanthropic and social initiatives in which NKPR is engaged, including St. Felix Centre, Lifeline Charitable Foundation, G(IRLS) 20, Best Buddies in Canada, Black Women in Motion, etc. are all part of ShopNK – diverse lifestyle products carefully curated for the socially conscious, with proceeds returned to consumer-chosen charities.

Natasha Koifman: Leading with an Interdependent Confluence of Business  Intellect and Human Compassion [Feature]

The agency also released their agency-wide program,  ’26 Acts of Kindness’ campaign designed to give NKPR staff an opportunity to give something back to their communities. Totally meant to facilitate and nurture a “culture of kindness” by encouraging support for philanthropy where they feel a sense of belonging.

Natasha Koifman is also on the Board for Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ) Canada and even on the USA counterpart’s Board of Directors. In 2009, APJ was established. It is a not-for-profit organization that Natasha helped to develop with a particular focus on Haiti to promote social justice and peace, and to address issues of disenfranchisement and poverty in communities around the globe. APJ backs education access for poor youth by building meaningful employment and a path to a sustainable future. Koifman describes her board participation and engagement as her greatest achievement to date.

More about Natasha Koifman’s Missions

Natasha Koifman made it her mission to provide opportunities to young entrepreneurs through AN8 (their angel investor firm).  

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The challenge for Natasha is to level the playing field for women entrepreneurs. Statistics show that female entrepreneurs run 30% of all small businesses. But despite the evidence that women-led businesses have succeeded, a huge gender gap still exists. Most venture capital is invested in companies founded by men, and just a minimal amount goes to women. Start-ups launched by women receive less money compared to start-ups founded by men. Natasha Koifman aims to close the gender gap in women’s funding by using her market experience and relationships she’s built over 20 years through NKPR.

Kindness is the compass that Natasha uses to make decisions that invoke the transformation she wishes to motivate and inspire.

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