No Situation Is A Bad One: What Can You Learn From Ajoké Olorundare Inspiring Story?

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When Ajoké Olorundare lost her corporate job, she was faced with a very dismal situation and the dilemma only added to the stress. It’s not that there are several jobs waiting for a person in the pipeline but life has to go on! What will one do in such a juxtaposing situation? Ajoké knew that the next few months would be tough but it did not deter her. She kept working hard towards a mission that definitely bore her the sweetest result!

“I lost my corporate job in Toronto … moved back to Winnipeg and decided that instead of looking for another job, I was going to put my all into this idea,” described Ajoke. And that very idea became the foundation for an award-winning beauty startup called SUGR WAX.


“SUGR WAX was born out of the desire to make sugaring for hair removal accessible to everyone. Most waxes you would find in salons are artificial materials, so if you want something a bit more natural or gentler on the skin this is a better alternative,” stated Ajoke who was born and raised in Winnipeg, Olorundare. She attended the University of Winnipeg and graduated with a degree in international development studies.

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The Vision

“SUGR WAX INC. is a proudly Canadian beauty startup that was born out of a desire to make sugaring for hair removal accessible to everyone. We believe in providing high-quality products that are safe, functional, and effective. We strive to offer our customers an exceptional overall experience and create a safe community for consumers to learn the art of sugaring. Through our brand, our vision is to create a world filled with self-confidence and be a leading brand in hair removal,” states the official website


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Awards and Recognition

Not very long ago, Ajoke’s startup was felicitated by Futurepreneur’s RBC Rock My Business Award. SUGR WAX won $10000 and RBC Emerging Black Entrepreneur Award. The award money will go towards kick-starting her business, launching new products, and growing the network.

On winning the award, Ajoke told Winnipeg Free Press, “I was so shocked. It’s a really good feeling because it was validating that I’m on the right track and people are recognizing me.” Other than her trademark all-natural hair removal product, Ajoke is planning to bring forth another amazing offering and take SUGR WAX to amazing heights!

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