Oat Canada – Not Your Regular ‘Sugar-Coated’ Oat Milk!

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Oat Canada, is a fast-growing food and beverage startup headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Oat Canada is devoted to becoming a leader in oat protein-based products by producing low-sugar, protein-fortified foods and beverages that challenge consumers and athletes to stay healthy, as well as the planet. The company launched its first keto-friendly, sugar-free oat milk in 2020. Just after a year, with one product, Oat Canada is now available in more than 1,300 stores across Canada, including major retailers like Loblaws, Longo’s, Costco East, and Whole Foods (as of January 2022). They have also been featured at CBC’s Dragons’ Den and have received investment offers since then.

What Led to the Launch of Oat Canada?

Eloise and Jamari Ambursley, the founders and co-founders of Oat Canada have always been fans of healthy eating and love to maintain an active lifestyle. Oat Canada was founded on a few good habits since they believe that adopting one good habit has ripple effects that affect other areas of people’s lives. 

When Eloise and Jamari got married, they got into the simple habit of saving 25% or more of their monthly income. By the end of the year, they had reduced their annual revenue by more than 50%. They started preparing more meals at home, exercising every day, and carefully checking the nutrition facts label. As they optimize their lives little by little, they become more aware of how they think about their health and their relationship to the planet. This has led to the choice of reducing sugar intake as consistently as possible and including more plant-based protein in the diet. This is how they got to know oat milk. 

When Eloise discovered oat milk, it worked well for Jamari in spite of being lactose intolerant and Eloise was allergic to nuts. It even worked extremely great for Eloise’s mother and Jamari’e grandmother who were diabetic. Since then, oat milk has turned out to be a staple food for them and their families. 

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The high school sweethearts (now a couple) literally decided to put their health in their own hands. They teamed up to come up with Oat Canada, an oat milk brand with no added sugar. Over the past one and a half years, this brand that had aims of being in a few stores has now hit a few thousand retail stores, without any indication of slowing down.

They are committed to being transparent about the sugar content of their products and it is the reason that people get to see a big zero on the front of the packaging – no guesswork or confusion about misleading labels. They are proud to bring the first keto-friendly and sugar-free barista oat milk to market.

A Brief about Oat Canada’s Latest Exclusive Partnerships

Canada Soccer and Oat Canada have recently announced a multilayer partnership enclosing the Canadian Premier League and Canada Soccer’s National Teams. Oat Canada is going to be Canada Soccer’s “Official Plant Protein Partner” in the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifier matches as well as FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 qualifiers. This collaboration backs Oat Canada’s tactical direction to provide higher protein plant-based items with utmost nutritional value for consumers and athletes across Canada and beyond. Also, Oat Canada is going to be the official partner for the Toyota National Championships and Canadian Championships in the 2022 editions.

Besides being the official partners for some of the amazing names in the world, Oat Canada is also planning to launch a plethora of new plant-based items in 2022 for the planet to stay healthy and active.

For more information regarding Oat Canada, you can visit their website to explore more.

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