People over Profit – How One Company is Uniting Food Lovers to End Hunger, One Apron at a Time

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Cooks Who Feed reaches 300,000 meals provided to those in need

TORONTO, Canada – (September 8, 2021) – In the business world, profit is king for most. The main goal is always focused on making as much money as possible. Every once in a while, there’s a business that has a different type of focus, such as Cooks Who Feed. The company’s goal is on feeding those in need, and they have now reached 300,000 meals provided. They do it sustainably and ethically, one apron at a time.

“Cooks Who Feed was started with the mission of feeding those who are less fortunate,” explains Seema Sanghavi, founder of Cooks Who Feed. “We are thrilled to have reached such a great milestone of meals provided, and we look forward to providing many more.”

The business brings food lovers together to fight hunger. Those who love food and cooking can help to end world hunger, simply by purchasing an apron. For every apron sold, food waste is rescued and 100 meals are provided to those in need. The company’s mission also focuses on sustainability, ensuring that all of their aprons are eco-friendly, and are ethically handmade.

The next goal for Cooks Who Feed is to reach the half a million meals mark, which should happen later this year. The company currently offers specialty aprons by well-known celebrity chefs including: Christina Cushing, Art Smith, and Romain Avril. Coming soon, they will launch a line of kid’s aprons.

Some of the key features of the Cooks Who Feed business model include:

They are fighting hunger by being social responsible and sustainable
They provide fair trade work to marginalized women
The aprons are made from locally-sourced, recycled and natural materials
Charity partners rescue surplus food to feed those in need
Over 1/3 of profits go to charity partners, so that one apron sale equals 100 meals provided

“We are excited that our kid’s aprons will launch soon,” added Sanghavi. “We have had many people asking for them already. People can get their kids involved in cooking, and feed others at the same time. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

According to the World Health Organization, there was a spike in world hunger due to the pandemic. They report that there was a dramatic worsening of world hunger, with over 811 million people being undernourished in 2020. In the United States, the Food Research & Action Center reports that more than 35 million people live in households that struggle against hunger.

Cooks Who Feed has teamed up with five celebrity chefs so far, offering handcrafted aprons, with sales of them helping to feed the world. The company offers individual sales online, a retail line, and wholesale/corporate gifting options. The aprons are produced ethically in Dehli, India, where 40 women are employed to make them by hand. To get more information or help support the mission, visit the site at:

About Cooks Who Feed

Cooks Who Feed was founded by Seema Sanghavi, who holds an advanced degree in marketing and strategic management, and over 12 years of experience in online marketing, product management, and product management. She has lived in several countries around the world, and is an amateur chef. The company works with charity partners in India, Canada, and the U.S. to rescue food and serve it to those in need. To get more information, visit the site at:

Source: Cooks Who Feed

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