Placemaking 4G: A Socially-Conscious Recruiting Company 

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Placemaking 4G helps build thoughtful teams through socially-conscious recruiting, value alignment and leading human dynamic practices and partners to attract contributors to your culture and bottom line. 

Envisioning Future

The company was founded to improve lives, livelihoods, and futures in Atlantic Canada. From its inception, they have been working to transform the region by helping organizations build stronger and more inclusive teams through socially responsible hiring practices.

They envision a future where each individual feels comfortable bringing their full, authentic selves to work, a workplace where their contributions are valued, they feel seen and heard, and they have equal opportunities to reach their full potential.

Placemaking 4G was co-founded by Bradley Deye and Matt Thomson. Daye is on a mission to co-create a more socially conscious recruiting industry and leads P4 G’s placemaking work, inspiring workplaces to embrace cultural differences, lived experiences, and the vulnerabilities of being human at work. While Thomson is the P4G mind with a bold vision to make the world of work more human

The P4G team members highlight an eclectic mix of training and skills with distinct life experiences, interests, and quotes that motivate and are ambitious for the world. P4G embraces their diverse range of experiences, backgrounds, and interests and shows up daily in their work for clients.

Amplifying Purpose And Values 

Placemaking 4G inspires a values-driven climate where contributors thrive, and purpose ignites action. Their principles emphasize creating a workspace that leans into values and passions unashamedly, where the potential of each individual is realized, and where employees fail with courage and unwavering enthusiasm.

As a company, they understand the importance of a community. They call for people to unite with a shared sense of purpose, learn and explore with compassion and humility, and foster authentic and intentional relationships.

They encourage and emphasize the value of trust. To show up for one another, to leave no doubt about the integrity of your intentions, and to trust yourself and embrace your journey.

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People Oriented Service 

Placemaking 4G works with organizations with big ambitions and businesses that want to make sure their teams are formed based on what is possible rather than conventional.

They work with companies to understand their clients’ needs and cultures. This insight enables clients to create more purposeful teams and recruit contributors who are prepared to offer fresh ideas and possess the energy to finish the task.

Their services include helping build a dream team and working with them to nurture and keep talent. In addition, they help design human-centred workplace policies and provide workshops and training to enhance communication and intercultural awareness at all levels of the organization. 

Placemaking 4G helps build a stronger and more dynamic team with their socially-conscious recruitment services and human-dynamics consulting, workshops, and training.

  • Targeted Search Services

Placemaking 4G understands that people have more to offer than what is summarized in a two-page document. Hence, P4G takes a values-based approach to recruitment rather than relying on the traditional resume. 

Instead, they focus on identifying the skills and experience, uncovering a person’s purpose and what makes them who they are, and then aligning people and organizations with shared values and goals.

  • Consulting 

Workplaces are dynamic and require care and attention from trusted professionals. Placemaking 4G offer consulting services to help you build and support a healthy, human-centred workplace, from immigration support to human dynamics navigation, policy development, or communications support. 

Their consultants include Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR), Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Facilitators, and Communication Professionals. 

  • Workshops+Training 

Placemaking 4G believes that group learning can be a game-changing experience that provides shared context, language, and experiences that can deepen people’s understanding of one another and how they work together. 

Their Communications Workshop understands the various styles of communication and the tendencies and preferences team members have that can transform your team’s communication habits and routines.

Their Disrupting Bias Training helps to create a more open, inclusive, and welcoming workplace where teams will learn why biases happen, how they hold us back, and what can be done about them.

Social Enterprise Community Interest Company

Placemaking 4G is a Social Enterprise Community Interest Company (CIC), which means that they have chosen to register their company as an organization that is mandated to re-invest 60% of their profits back into local communities to reduce the barriers to sustainable economic development. 

Placemaking 4G is a dream team composed of a group of talented individuals, from CPHR and immigration specialists to DEI facilitators, communicators, and placemakers. They are passionate about what they do and how they do it and believe that collective impact is beautiful.

Placemaking 4G is about creating an environment where employees feel a sense of belonging. To know more about their services, visit their website at

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