Revolutionizing Online Payments: Introducing Clik2pay

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Direct-from-account payments have been gaining popularity worldwide as a more convenient and cost-effective payment option for customers. In countries like the UK and Australia, these payment methods have become commonplace, with a large percentage of online transactions being made through bank transfers rather than credit cards.

In Canada, however, the options for direct-from-account payments have been limited, and many customers are left frustrated with having to use credit cards or abandon their purchases altogether. This is where Clik2pay comes in. They are the first company in Canada to offer a seamless, convenient, and low-cost real-time payment solution that allows customers to pay directly from their bank accounts. With Clik2pay, businesses can provide their customers with an easy and secure payment option that eliminates the need for credit cards while also reducing payment processing costs.

A Team of Visionaries

In 2019, Clik2pay was established by a team of leaders from different areas of the payments business who came together to pursue a single goal. The Clik2pay team, equipped with an in-depth knowledge of the payment system, set out to enhance financial transactions between companies and their consumers. Leading the charge are Mike Bradley, Founder & CEO, and David Robinson, Chief Commercial Officer. Together, they assembled a team of Canada’s brightest and best leaders in payments, technology, banking, security, and more.

Simple and Secure Payments

Clik2pay through Interac® facilitates instantaneous payments between merchants and their consumers from any location and using any device. Clik2pay is a convenient way for Canadians to pay for online purchases, bill payments, and other purchases using their bank account information. Over a billion Canadians use the Interac e-TransferTM service annually, so the system is intuitive and easy to learn. Customers never have to worry about their personal information being compromised because to bank-level security.

Quick and Easy Payments for Consumers

Clik2pay allows users to pay instantly from their bank account with no registration or additional steps necessary. To make a payment, just “click” the Clik2pay link, enter your login information, and approve the transaction. This streamlines the payment process by eliminating the need to input detailed credit card information or keep track of a plethora of different passwords.

The Three Methods of Payment

Clik2pay accepts three different payment methods. Clik2pay through Interac is an option for online shoppers to choose from at checkout. A Clik2pay link or QR code on a customer’s bill allows them to make a payment quickly and easily. Using a protected Clik2pay link, customers can make payments via text message.

Clik2pay is a game-changer for Canadian e-commerce. Businesses may now provide clients with a low-cost, account-to-account payment alternative thanks to this easy and secure solution. This benefits the company and its customers by enhancing the former while cutting the latter’s expenses. Clik2pay is available to everyone with a bank account without the need for registration. Clik2pay’s mission is to streamline the payment process for all Canadians.

To understand their customer-centric approach and payment solutions, visit their official website at and book your appointment today!

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