Routine Olfactory Lab: The Sister Initiative To A sustainable Body and Earth 

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Routine Olfactory Lab was founded by sisters Neige and Pippa. While Neige is the olfactory engineer and curator, Pippa is the Mavis beacon master and the superstar. 

Routine believes that your scent is like a fingerprint, and how you choose to smell tells a story. Their philosophy is to offer beautiful, natural personal products that feel and smell incredible. When incorporated into your everyday routines, their products provide a life-changing experience by complementing your pheromones without compromise. 

Routine Olfactory Lab’s initiatives honor nature, produce kinder products for the earth, and mindfully source packaging and products in their neighborhood, the Canadian Rockies. 

They strive to bring joy, fun, and wildness back into the modern bathroom and make you love how you smell. 

The Routine Manifesto

The team at Routine sleuth searches and digs in to ensure their product creations are full of only the best. In addition, they work hard to provide only the best elements for your body. 

They know that we are far enough into the future to know what’s good and clean and best for our skin, hearts, and the planet, and thus use only the natural and right things because they genuinely care. 

Routine Olfactory Lab uses only clean ingredients and the best quality in all their products. Some of the key components that go into their custom formulas are Kaolin Clay, Calendula, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Essential Oils, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Tonka, Cardamom Oil, Rosalina Oil, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Clary Sage, Vetiver Oil, Patchouli, Precious Orris Oil, and many more. 

Routine believes in supporting local and sustainable packaging to deliver their customers the products they deserve with zero compromises on quality, design, or sustainability. The sister-owned business is working towards a positive impact on the community and the earth by ensuring that all their products are made in BC, Canada, out of FSC-certified paper. 

Without Compromises 

Their deodorant jars are made of glass and are infinitely refillable. They have a track record of over 100,000 of their deodorant jars being refilled, which are also reusable as tea lights, shot glasses, travel jars, miscellaneous storage, and succulent pots.

All their deodorant sticks are made of cardboard on the outside, and the small twist-up component is made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic on the inside. In addition, their shampoo and conditioner bottles, the first of their kind, are made within a 5 km radius of the Routine headquarters, requiring only one trip to the customer.

Their body care products, including oils, creams, and perfumes, are all housed in extra special violet glass bottles and jars ethically made in the Netherlands and printed and filled within a 5 km radius of their HQ.

Their dirty hipster armpit tool is made out of pure copper in India by equally paid artisans. Their soaps are handmade using pure essential oils and intentionally sourced ingredients. All their candles are made in-house from clean-burning soy wax, cotton wicks, and natural fragrances. Their soap dishes are made especially by local ceramists, Fox and Flower Design. 

Routine encourages the reuse of their beautiful packaging to reduce waste. Since its inception in 2018, over 100,000 cream deodorant jars have been refilled at 180+ locations. In addition, customers can bring in their empty, clean packaging of deo jars and shampoo/conditioner flasks to be refilled at a reduced price.

As a local business, they know the importance of supporting the local economy. Hence, they collaborate with local artisans and manufacturers wherever possible. In addition, this initiative also reduces their eco-footprint by eliminating the need to ship packaging over long distances.

Routine Olfactory Lab’s mission is to constantly improve their routines while tracking, measuring, and sharing their impact with the public. Hence, 2% of their online wholesale sales are donated to meaningful initiatives.

Routine Olfactory Lab supports your olfactories and the mother earth while helping you find your signature scents and make it a head-to-toe routine. For more information about their products and initiatives, visit their website at

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