Tammy Heermann: Empowering Women In Leadership

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Tammy Herrmann is an expert in gender diversity and programs accelerating female talent. She is passionate about helping women leaders thrive and is a renowned advisor among Fortune 500 companies. 

As a sought-after advisor, she helps individuals and organizations get serious about leadership. She has developed pioneering and multiple award-winning programs to change mindsets, advancing skillsets, and sustain deliberate practices to achieve high performance.

On A Mission To Changing Mindset

Tammy Heermann is an award-winning leadership expert who has been in the industry for over twenty years. Her work and passion have helped change thousands of mindsets around what it takes to lead, both self and others. 

Though an expert in creating impact in the C-suite, Tammy finds happiness in encouraging aspiring leaders to overcome institutional and personal obstacles to realize their full potential.

In her sessions, Tammy shares with her audience the stories of her journey from senior consultant to senior vice president, bringing humor and heartaches. Through her realistic and relevant narrative, people acknowledge the value of Tammy’s down-to-earth, practical style in establishing a sense of trust among strangers in a room.

Tammy is a self-claimed perennial mentor addicted to peloton, pilates and perogies. She lives in Toronto with her husband and daughter.

 An Experiential Journey to Motivation

Tammy Heermann graduated from the London School of Economics with a Master of Science in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations and holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Saskatchewan.

She is a Senior Vice President, speaker, author, and leadership facilitator. She is a member of the Women’s Leadership Advisory Committee for Women in Communications and Technology and a panelist for the session “Building Meaningful Relationships through Effective Networking.”

Her 20 years in the leadership industry and ten years of working with thousands of aspiring women leaders have given her the knowledge and skills necessary to comprehend how adults learn, what it takes to impact personal transformation and the significance of emotional salience. 

Hence, her goal is to reshape opportunities for women in the workplace. 

Early in her career, Tammy experienced a professional high point when the company she worked for received an Oscar for their technical software. This event taught her the value of creativity, excellence, and global resonance. 

She has won awards from most of the industry-recognized training associations over her career. 

Understanding What Women Leaders Need

Tammy is aware of the significance when working on diversity and leadership initiatives. She also understands the pressure business owners face to produce outcomes. As a result, she works effortlessly with her clients to accomplish the objectives. 

Tammy believes that one should be shaping their life and career through choices. Therefore, she takes it as her mission to empower women to believe in their potential and build toward a full and bold vision of the life they deserve. Small changes in mindset and behaviors can lead to extraordinary shifts. 

Tammy is characterized as possessing a special blend of warmth and strength. She is a realistic optimist who doesn’t sugarcoat any difficulties that stand in the way but ensures that her audience has the confidence to face the difficulties and improve.

Tammy helps women within organizations and corporations reframe their stories so they can take control of their careers and reshape opportunities for women in the workplace to achieve this goal, she provides all-female workshops so they no longer feel alone. 

Instead, they feel understood, validated and supported by a community for the long term.

Tammy Heermann helps reshape opportunities for women in the workplace. To know more about her initiatives, visit her website at https://www.tammyheermann.com/.  

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