Tetley research reveals 94% of Canadians want more joy and happiness in life: Happiness Expert shares the science behind setting more successful resolutions

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Canadians want to live a more happy and balanced life, as new research from Tetley reveals that 94% want to embrace more happiness and joy, and 89% want more balance. However, it seems that stamina for goal setting is dwindling, with 57% stating they won’t make a New Year’s resolution for 2024.

Tetley Canada's Live Tea Collection (CNW Group/Tetley Canada)
Tetley Canada’s Live Tea Collection (CNW Group/Tetley Canada)

While a quarter of Canadians admit to making resolutions with the best of intentions, they often lose motivation, and a whopping 42% categorically call them a ‘waste of time’. It seems one thing is clear; despite 81% wanting to take more time to focus on their needs and wellbeing, and 83% wanting to show up better for themselves and others in 2024, Canadians are too overwhelmed to make a commitment. They shouldn’t give up, however, as research by the University of Pennsylvania notes that people are more driven to tackle new goals at shared breaks like the New Year – the ‘fresh start effect’ is real!

Redefining Resolutions

When making resolutions, Tetley found the following ranked as Canadians’ top focus:

  1. Wellbeing, such as better sleep health, fitness or eating healthier 
  2. Physicality, such as getting fit, losing weight or a makeover 
  3. Self-development, such as strengthening relationships, practicing self-love or mindfulness
  4. Finance, such as saving money, paying off debts or making a will 
  5. Career growth, such as getting a promotion, learning new skills or finding a job

According to Happiness Expert, Dr. Gillian Mandich; a scientist on a mission to help people live their happiest life, the secret to achieving a happier, more balanced life is to redefine your approach to resolutions:

“The dwindling popularity of New Year’s resolutions signals perhaps Canadians aren’t setting themselves up for success, leading to a cycle of feeling unfulfilled,” says Dr. Mandich. “Often, we set lofty goals and timelines that can get thrown off when life’s curveballs get in the way. However, research by Stockholm University suggests that reshaping your mindset to focus on adopting new habits, rather than avoiding or quitting them, can be more effective for lasting change. For example, rather than saying ‘I will stop drinking pop to be healthier’, you are more likely to be successful if you say, ‘I will introduce more herbal tea and water into my day.'”

Stop and Smell the Roses

Dr. Mandich also notes that mini moments of pause can help to create an effective mindset for attaining the happiness and balance required to achieve greater goals:

“In scientific literature, stopping to smell the roses is known as ‘savouring’. Savouring is about recognizing all the good things in our lives; a beautiful flower, the sun shining, or a warming cup of tea. Instead of letting a positive experience pass by, we create a more happy, balanced life for ourselves by taking the time to acknowledge, appreciate and fully enjoy it. Finding these mini moments of joy can help create a mindset that makes bigger goals seem more achievable.”

2024: The year of positivi’tea’

When asked, nearly all Canadians (97%) agreed that the right mindset is important to fulfilling wellness goals. To inspire Canadians on this journey, Tetley has released a range of caffeine-free Live Teas, featuring two new flavours which speak to Canadians’ desire to Live Happy and Live Balanced in 2024. The teas can act as the perfect sidekick to creating a moment of mindfulness whenever you need it.

“From walking away from your desk to boil the kettle, to the soothing sensation of sipping something warm, to connecting with someone over a cup, tea drinking is an example of an easy-to-implement ritual that encourages you to be mindful, present, and kind to yourself. I love the Live Tea collection because there’s a flavour for every feeling I want to create, whether that be a Bold boost of chai before I give a talk, or a refreshing cup of Calm as I wind down after a busy day,” says Dr. Mandich.

Whatever our focus for 2024, there’s a Live Tea that can help Canadians channel the right mindset:

  • NEW Live Happy: 94% of Canadians want to embrace more joy and happiness in life. Tetley Live Happy is a vibrant herbal tea that combines the sweet flavour of mango and tangy passionfruit with lion’s mane – a plant used for centuries in East Asian medicine. It’s sunshine in a cup, hot or cold!
  • NEW Live Balanced: Every day can be a whirlwind of emotions and stressors and it’s no wonder 89% of Canadians want to lead a more balanced life. Live Balanced tea is a uniquely blended caffeine-free tea, that combines dandelion with roasted chicory root and carob, resulting in a nutty and coffee-like flavour. For those sensitive to caffeine or looking to decrease caffeine intake, Live Balanced allows you to recreate the coffee experience in a new and tasty way.
  • Live Bold: 82% of Canadians reported they want to live life more boldly and confidently. Tetley’s Live Bold provides a kick-start at any time of day with a unique blend of rooibos chai, cinnamon, clove and pepper. The rooibos base of this tea means it’s naturally caffeine free, unlike traditional chai teas.
  • Live Calm: Nearly all Canadians (92%) want to appreciate the moments of calm on a hectic day. A cup of Live Calm, with its blend of camomile, spearmint and orange can create stillness so you can take a few deep breaths.
  • Live Cool: 94% of Canadians want to be able to keep their cool in challenging situations. Live Cool allows you to unwind and feel like you can handle anything that’s thrown your way with a delightful blend of peppermint and spearmint.

To learn more about the range of Tetley Live teas, visit: https://tetley.ca/collections/live-teas

* ABOUT THE SURVEY: These are the findings of a survey conducted by Tetley from December 5th to 7th, 2023 among a representative sample of 1,501 online Canadians who are members of the Angus Reid Forum. The survey was conducted in English and French. For comparison purposes only, a probability sample of this size would carry a margin of error of +/-2.5 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

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Tetley is proud to be Canada’s #1 tea brand. With over 185 years of experience, their goal is simple: to make teas that help Canadians live better every day. Whether it’s kickstarting your mornings with a classic cup of Orange Pekoe, making it easier (and tastier) to get your daily vitamins and minerals with Super Teas, or helping you live in the moment with Live Teas. There’s a tea for every occasion.

For more information, or to arrange an interview with Happiness Expert Dr. Gillian Mandich, please contact:
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