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CanadianSME Small Business Magazine recently interviewed Yoni Mazor, CGO & Co-Founder of, who shared insightful perspectives on the evolving Amazon marketplace. Yoni, leveraging his experience from a successful $20 million Amazon FBA business, emphasized the significance of GETIDA in discrepancy analytics and consulting for Amazon sellers. He outlined how GETIDA’s expertise in managing financial and inventory-related discrepancies is changing the game, especially for SMEs dominating the Canadian manufacturing industry. With over 180 employees across 7 countries and a strong backing from O2 Investment Partners, GETIDA is leading the way in Amazon FBA auditing. Yoni’s media appearances and military intelligence background enrich his insights on global logistics, consumer behavior, and the economy, making him a trusted voice in the industry.

Yoni Mazor is the CGO & Co-Founder of Yoni began developing GETIDA after successfully operating a $20 million yearly Amazon FBA business, selling fashion brands internationally.

GETIDA specializes in Amazon discrepancy analytics and consulting. By utilizing data visibility technology, GETIDA focuses on discovering and managing financial and inventory-related discrepancies with tens of billions of dollars of transactions managed daily.

Since 2015 GETIDA has scaled into the largest organization in the world dedicated to Amazon FBA auditing with more than 180 employees in 7 countries and is backed up by a strategic investment by the Private Equity firm O2 Investment Partners.

Yoni frequently appears in media outlets such as Forbes, CBS, ABC, Fox, MSN, and INC to provide insights about the state of Amazon, global logistics, inflation, consumer behavior, and the economy. He also comes with military intelligence experience, having served in the IDF Special Navy Intelligence.

Could you elaborate on the primary strategies Amazon sellers employ to generate revenue, and how does GETIDA support these strategies?

Amazon sellers primarily focus on effective product listings, competitive pricing, advertising, and excellent customer service to drive revenue. GETIDA supports these strategies by offering comprehensive FBA auditing and recovery solutions that increase the sellers’ cash flow. This enhances profitability and aids sellers in reinvesting the recovered funds for future growth and maintaining a healthy financial outlook.

In your experience, what is the typical earning range for Amazon sellers, and what factors most significantly influence this potential?

The earning range for Amazon sellers varies widely, ranging from a few hundred dollars to millions annually. Influential factors include product selection, pricing strategy, advertising effectiveness, and operational efficiency. The factors that mostly influence the ability of sellers to make more money on Amazon are being data-driven and treating your Amazon business as a professional organization that is dedicated to continued improvement, adjustments, and growth. GETIDA indirectly contributes to earnings by optimizing financial processes, ensuring sellers recover funds owed by Amazon, thereby positively impacting their overall financial performance.

What are some smart approaches for individuals looking to start an online selling business, particularly on platforms like Amazon? How does GETIDA facilitate this entry?

Smart approaches for starting an online selling business involve thorough market research, selecting and launching profitable products, and optimizing operational efficiency. GETIDA facilitates help to new Amazon sellers by providing a financial solution through FBA auditing and reimbursements, allowing new sellers to navigate and fully optimize their FBA discrepancy challenges so they can achieve maximum recovery, and focus on growing their businesses.

What in your opinion are he pros and cons of pursuing an Amazon side hustle? How should individuals assess whether this is the right venture for them?

Engaging in an Amazon side hustle offers the appealing benefits of flexible scheduling and the potential for additional income. This flexibility is particularly attractive to those with busy schedules, allowing them to integrate their side hustle seamlessly into their routines.

However, challenges include heightened competition within the marketplace and the potential for income fluctuations. Success in the competitive landscape requires strategic planning in areas such as product selection and marketing.

Individuals contemplating an Amazon side hustle should conduct a thorough risk assessment, considering factors such as financial stability and tolerance for income variability. Additionally, a realistic evaluation of their commitment level, in terms of time and effort, is crucial for setting achievable goals.

In summary, while the flexibility and income potential of an Amazon side hustle are enticing, a thoughtful consideration of associated challenges is essential. By weighing the pros and cons against their personal circumstances, aspiring Amazon sellers can make informed decisions aligned with their goals.

For those interested in the Amazon ecosystem but not in selling products, what are five key strategies to become a successful Amazon influencer? How does one leverage these strategies effectively in today’s market?

 Strategies to Become a Successful Amazon Influencer and Effective Leverage:

1. Niche Expertise:

Develop an in-depth understanding of a specific niche within the Amazon marketplace. Whether it’s tech gadgets, fashion, or home decor, establishing expertise in a focused area will make your recommendations more credible.

2. Engaging Content Creation:

Craft compelling content across various platforms, such as social media, blogs, and video channels. Provide valuable insights, reviews, and demonstrations related to Amazon products. Engage your audience with captivating visuals and informative storytelling.

3. Strategic Partnerships:

Collaborate with brands and sellers operating within your chosen niche and cross-pollinate. These partnerships can open doors to sponsored content opportunities, exclusive product collaborations, and special offers for your followers. Such collaborations enhance your credibility and expand your influence within the Amazon ecosystem.

4. Leverage Amazon Affiliate Program:

Join the Amazon Affiliate Program to monetize your recommendations. Incorporate personalized affiliate links into your content, allowing you to earn commissions when your followers make purchases through those links. This approach aligns your interests with the products you endorse.

5. Build a Loyal Following:

Focus on cultivating a loyal and engaged audience. Respond to comments, seek feedback, and foster a sense of community around your content. A dedicated following is more likely to trust your recommendations, contributing to your long-term success as an influencer.

Effective Leveraging:

Stay Current with Trends:

Regularly update your knowledge about popular products, emerging trends, and changes within the Amazon marketplace. This ensures that your content remains relevant and timely.

Utilize Multiple Platforms:

Diversify your online presence across various platforms to reach a broader audience. Each platform has its unique strengths, so tailor your content accordingly.

Authenticity is Key:

Maintain authenticity in your content. Genuine recommendations and honest reviews build trust with your audience, establishing you as a reliable source of information.

Consistency is Crucial:

Maintain a consistent posting schedule to keep your audience engaged. Regular content production builds anticipation and loyalty.

Monitor and Analyze Performance:

Utilize analytics tools to monitor the performance of your content. Understand what resonates with your audience, refine your strategies accordingly, and adapt to changes in the market.

By implementing these key strategies and staying adaptable, you can position yourself as a trusted and successful influencer within your chosen Amazon niche, offering valuable insights to your audience.

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