The Top 10 Most Innovative Manufacturing Companies In Canada

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The manufacturing industry in Canada is constantly evolving and exploring new realms that technological innovation offers. These innovations have changed the dynamics of the manufacturing industry and how it operates. Here are the top 10 most innovative manufacturing companies in Canada redefining the Canadian manufacturing sector.   

Inertia Product Development

Inertia Product Development is a research and product development company in Toronto, Canada, offering mainly engineering services to customers in the automotive industry. They started functioning in 2004 and have expanded to include medical and health, safety and security, agriculture and food, and industrial areas. 

They create industry-defining product innovations that create new businesses and grow existing businesses by more than solving technical problems and delivering design, engineering, and manufacturing services. Instead, they provide a holistic approach to product development, thereby solving the right problems in the right market, for the right customer, with the right product.

Inertia Product Development seamlessly delivers product design and manufacturing. To know more, visit  

FoodPak Ltd.

FoodPak Ltd. provides complete packaging solutions to businesses working in North America’s food industry, from custom pouches to packaging equipment. With over 50 years of experience in the packaging industry, they began operations as a small, family-run business. 

Their wide array of services covers all areas of the packaging cycle, from choosing between a custom run of digital vs. conventional printing, trays vs. pouches, or tray sealers vs. thermoformers that are a perfect fit for your business. Their packaging is designed to be shelf-appeal and offers solutions to keep up with your growing business success.

FoodPak Ltd. helps companies deliver meals to customers’ hands easily. For more information, visit

Origin Materials

Origin is the world’s leading carbon-negative materials company that offers a platform that turns the carbon found in biomass into useful materials while eliminating the need for fossil resources and capturing carbon in the process. Their mission is to enable the world’s transition to sustainable materials.

Original Materials began with the idea of finding potential where others had given up trying to change the world. In 2008, chemical engineering students from the University of California, Davis, founded a brand-new material technology company. Since then, Origin has applied first-principles thinking to challenging, rewarding problems in chemistry and engineering.

Today they develop and commercialize their core technology. For more information, visit 


Timereaction is a workflow management software company that provides access to the ultimate collaborative workflow management system, automatically sets up project milestones, communicates efficiently with the right people and helps them meet deadlines.

Having your team’s workflow, conversations and files in one place helps streamline where to find the information you need, thereby getting more done with less effort. Their intuitive interface helps manage complex projects and complete tasks in real-time. Their predictive scheduling and integrated messaging make planning and communicating with your team easier. Stay proactive by automating manual, repetitive tasks and processes with their predictive scheduling engine. 

Keep your teams on track with Timereaction workflow automation. For more information, visit


AVEVA is a global leader in industrial software that connects people with trusted information and insights to drive responsible use of the world’s resources. They provide solutions to over 90% of leading companies in twelve industrial sectors, helping them deliver life’s essentials like safe, reliable energy, food, infrastructure, transportation and more. 

AVEVA pioneers innovations that empower industry leaders to optimize value, efficiency and sustainability. They drive digital transformation for industrial organizations managing complex operational processes. Through Performance Intelligence, AVEVA connects the power of information and artificial intelligence (AI) with human insight to enable faster and more precise decision-making, helping industries to boost operational delivery and sustainability. 

AVEVA is an industrial software striving to make the world work better. To learn more, visit

Engineering CPR

Engineering CPR is a team of Contract Designers & Manufacturers of Medical Devices, Senior Developers and Specialists in Product Development and Operations, such as industrial designers, usability specialists, mechanical engineers, electrical/electronics engineers, software/firmware engineers and manufacturing engineers. 

They are experienced in protecting your schedule and capable of working on small and large projects. Their services include Full Scope Product Development, which provides a comprehensive service to their clients from initial designing to prototyping, which helps estimate the cost of production and in-field product performance. In addition, Turnkey Manufacturing delivers the final product to their customers by taking care of all aspects of production, from assembly to testing and quality control, for overall satisfaction.

Engineering CPR provides contract design and manufacture of medical devices. For more information, visit


Seebo is the predictive quality and yield solution that enables leading manufacturers to predict and prevent quality, yield, waste, and throughput losses using process-based industrial artificial intelligence. Manufacturers use Seebo to predict and prevent quality, yield, and waste losses. Their process-based artificial intelligence is designed to solve complicated process inefficiencies, revealing the hidden causes and recommending the right actions.

Seebo helps teams understand why process inefficiencies happen using Automated Root Cause Analysis. Proactive Alerts also suggest how to prevent process inefficiencies, using Predictive Recommendations and when to act. They have collaborated with leading manufacturers across multiple industries, like Barilla, Nestle, Mondelez, PepsiCo, Allnex and Volkswagen Group. 

Seebo delivers unprecedented AI insights for manufacturers and industry. For more information, visit

Tungsten Collaborative

Tungsten Collaborative helps with every stage of product development, from concept to prototype, manufacturing to branding, and packaging to launch. They are multidisciplinary product design specialists who take your idea and run with you for better results.

They partner up and help with everything from finite element analyses to complex satellite-tracking software. From military or medical, biotech or datacom, and commercial or consumer goods, their focus is on design elegance, user simplicity, and technological innovation that help companies succeed in their market.

Tungsten Collaborative is an experienced, multidisciplinary product design and development firm with a unique focus on client collaboration. For more information, visit their website at


Covspect is the world’s first technology Enabled Biosafety VAR that creates a safer workplace by procuring Biosafety UV-C devices. They host an industry-leading agnostic biosafety VAR marketplace with a team that solves infection control challenges for healthcare, hospitals, government, consumers, and corporate. 

They procure hospital-grade UV and biosafety technology to help mitigate HAIs while creating safer indoor environments and workplaces. Each customer engagement prioritizes a conscious focus on CS, CX, empathy, communication, and reliability. They specialize in mobile device cleaning, ultraviolet device cleaning, biosafety, biotechnology, UV-C, UV, UVGI, UV Light Disinfection, Infection Control, UV Air Treatment and many more. 

Covspect provides biosafety for all. To know more about their safety measures, visit their website at


ITFC is a robust national economic platform that allows all Canadians to participate in economic transformation and change, contributing to a new era of inclusion and engagement driving the Canadian economy.

ITFC is about sharing economic opportunities with businesses, communities and individuals, ensuring members are aware of these opportunities and how to participate. They share a network to help businesses grow, develop partnerships and participate in a new era of economic opportunity. ITFC has designed the platform to allow non-indigenous firms and organizations to understand Indigenous communities across Canada. 

ItsTimeForChange is an economic inclusion strategy for Canada. For more information, visit  

The manufacturing industry is reimagining the landscape of the Canadian economy by exploring the possibilities of technology, innovation, sustainability, and artificial intelligence. These companies are creating new markets and opportunities for Canadians through their initiatives and operations. 

The manufacturing industry is a cornerstone of the economy. To read more on the innovations happening in the market, subscribe to CanadianSME Small Business Magazine For the latest updates, visit our Twitter page at @canadian_sme.

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