Top 5 Things to look for in a managed IT services provider

Attilio Commisso is the President and co-founder of CG Technologies Corporation. For over 25 years, he has been a champion to small and medium-sized businesses in the Greater Toronto Area, helping them navigate the ever-changing technology landscape. CG Technologies’ mission is to provide exceptional technical and domain expertise with their Managed IT Services and consulting solutions at an affordable rate. Their 95% customer retention rate over that period is a testament to their success and customer satisfaction.

What are some of the common problems that small businesses face when it comes to technology?

Technology is ever-changing, making it difficult for small businesses to manage some of the day-to-day issues that crop up. Regardless of the type of business, we see a few common challenges.

First, small businesses often have trouble managing hardware and software-related risk. Today’s complex hardware and software provide tremendous value when they work. However, troubleshooting problems is not always straightforward when they don’t work.

Another problem business owners face is having someone trustworthy they can rely on to help them through the modern, complex IT landscape. Small businesses must find a trusted partner to evaluate what IT models will work for their business, which models will give them the best value, what vendors are making the most reliable hardware, and what software is out there to help them manage the business more productively.

Lastly, managing data risk. Small businesses are vulnerable, especially in cases of disgruntled employees on their way out the door, accidental data loss or corruption, ransomware, viruses, phishing attacks, etc.

How can a Managed IT Services Provider help small businesses? What are some of the benefits of using a managed IT services provider?

A Managed IT Services Provider like CG Technologies can help a business by putting automated systems in place to monitor the environment and catch many issues before they get to the point where they interrupt the business. In the area of security, we can advise a company on the best security systems for their specific needs, such as firewalls, intrusion prevention, antivirus, antispam, and the best practices for employees to protect themselves as much as possible.

A good Managed IT Services Provider should be available 24×7 to help a business in the event they have an issue. A business with an experienced Managed IT Services Provider sees many benefits. Some of these include reducing downtime of critical systems, being available when staff needs help, advising on the best mix of hardware and software, and generally acting as or working with the internal IT department to support business on the technology side of things.

Why is it important for small businesses to have reliable IT support?

Having reliable IT support benefits every aspect of a business. From an executive standpoint, it offers peace of mind that business-critical functions are expertly maintained. From an operational perspective, it ensures systems run smoothly to enable staff to complete their tasks as seamlessly as possible. Finally, from a financial standpoint, IT support can deliver the best and most efficient system to optimize IT spending.

How can CG Technologies help small businesses with their IT needs?

We’ve been a Managed IT Services Provider for a very long time, from the very earliest days of the transition from break/fix models to managed models, so we’ve developed a lot of expertise in helping to ensure our clients have the best possible IT experience. Our service desk, which is in the greater Toronto area, is available whenever our clients need us to provide them with the inevitable hardware and software support every business requires from time to time.

Our advisors can help ensure you’re spending your IT budget as efficiently as possible, so you’re not making costly mistakes concerning IT systems. We understand that IT supports your business, even though it’s not necessarily your business.

How can a small business owner be sure they’re choosing the right provider? What are the top 5 Things to look for in a Managed IT Services Provider?

If you are looking for a Managed IT Services Provider to serve your business, the top 5 things to look for are:

  • Experience in the managed model. Look for at least five years of experience as an MSP with a good mix of small, medium, and larger clients.
  • A locally run service desk where the technicians are not simply working their way through a series of scripts but can actually troubleshoot effectively.
  • A broad range of experience with different IT models – break/fix, client/server, remote desktop, virtual desktop, cloud.
  • Experience running their own data centre environment so that they can provide you with real-world consulting on securing your IT environment effectively and with appropriate cost efficiency.
  • A serious customer service focus. They need to be available, take ownership, provide timely support and solutions, and be customer focused.

What is your advice to small businesses during this challenging time?

Think security first, make sure your staff has basic security training, ensure your systems are reasonably modern and up to date, and have an IT partner you can trust to provide you with appropriate advice and guidance and who is there for you when you need them.

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