Virtual collaboration made easy for small businesses

Virtual collaboration made easy for small businesses

Jenny Tin, Marketing Manager, Ricoh Canada Inc.

Remote meetings have become the norm. Practically overnight, many of us had to embrace the ubiquitous conference call for everything from kids’ karate lessons and family dinners to sales meetings and virtual roundtables!

For small businesses, virtual engagements with new prospects and customers, if done right, can reap huge rewards. According to a McKinsey report, the amount of revenue generated from video-related interactions has jumped by 69% since April 2020. Together, eCommerce and video conferencing now account for 43% of all B2B revenue.

Every virtual customer engagement counts. Businesses need to find simple solutions that help them stand out and make every customer interaction powerful, meaningful, and memorable. Traditional video calls are more tiring than face-to-face meetings. Your brain must work harder to interpret non-verbal cues like body language and tone of voice. People need to pay more attention to get the same result. This becomes mentally draining when we’re jumping from one call to another and staring at the screen, day-in, and day-out.

The ‘collaboration’ experience is also missing! Cameras get turned off or minimized. The presentation deck is shown on full screen so no one can see one another. Your company representative is speaking to an audience they can’t see or interact with which means little to no engagement with your customers.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Ricoh has created communication and collaboration solutions designed for small and mid-sized businesses.

Elevate. Empower. Enhance.

Ricoh’s family of Interactive Whiteboards and Reactiv SUITE collaboration software are fully integrated solutions that redefine the virtual collaboration experience for your employees, partners, and customers. With this powerful combination, your in-office and remote employees can collaborate and create in real-time as if they were in the same room. Elevate your presence and make meetings more impactful and memorable in front of your prospective customers.

Make meetings fun again!

The key is ease-of-use. Implementing user-friendly Interactive Whiteboards along with intuitive collaboration software that teams actually want to use increases engagement which makes meetings more efficient and productive. Fit matters. Choose the right size of Interactive Whiteboard for your office, meeting room or huddle space – they come in 32”, 55”, 65”, 75” and 86” so screens that are too small or too overpowering for your space is no longer an issue.

The secret to facilitating fluid collaboration and meetings? This isn’t the kind of share-your-screen technology you’ve seen before. It’s a unique software platform that revolutionizes the way users connect, share documents, and consume content – regardless of where the meeting participants are located. It allows the presenter to create, meet, present, explain, mark up, refine on the fly, and conclude – as if all the meeting attendees are right there in the same room.

Reactiv SUITE is comprised of two components – STAGE and SCRIBBLE – that work in a single ecosystem defined by the type of meeting: presenting, ideation, brainstorming and project management to name a few.

Reactiv STAGE is a powerful, non-linear storytelling and presentation tool that enables teams to shift focus from managing the content to the narrative of a presentation. Open, render, mark up, and present content in formats you’re familiar with (doc, ppt, xls, pdf, jpg, gif, MP4) so you can be at your best – whether you’re pitching to your clients, training a team, presenting to stakeholders or brainstorming.

Reactiv SCRIBBLE is a digital whiteboard but it’s more than that: it’s a breakthrough brainstorming and layout tool. It creates an infinite canvas that allows any user to collaborate and sketch, write ideas, mark up pages and develop dynamic layouts that accurately represent the overall team vision. Users can combine a variety of different file types, including web content and natural handwriting, into meaningful pages that can easily be shared, organized or distributed.

For employees who work remotely with touch screen devices, Reactiv SUITE PRO offers the same applications, user functionalities and workflows as Reactiv SUITE with fewer connectivity and peripheral interoperability capabilities that aren’t generally found in a home office environment.

The simple solution.

Reactiv SUITE is so intuitive and easy to use that your team will be up and running with little to no training. No matter what kind of work your team is doing, it can enhance their collaboration experience, improve productivity, and facilitate deeper and more impactful connections.

Drive higher revenue through more powerful virtual selling by making ‘real’ connections with your customers. Now you can be fully engaged with your customers and treat the PowerPoint deck as just another visual aid while you bring up any type of content to support the conversation as it evolves. Capture questions right on the screen and address them throughout your discussion.

In brainstorming sessions, multiple remote users can simultaneously add their ideas, markup content and capture decisions that arise in the flow of a meeting in real time. This combined effort yields more ideas in less time as well as making everyone feel as if their voice has been heard. This eliminates the unnecessary back and forth conversations, freeing up valuable time for other projects.

Looking to bring your remote meetings to life and easily connect your employees, customers, and partners like never before? – It’s time to explore Ricoh’s Communication and Collaboration Solutions.

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