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Wagepoint is a fintech company on a mission to simplify payroll management. Their small business payroll software makes it easy and efficient to pay your employees and stay on top of your payroll taxes.

Their online software was developed specifically for small businesses, automating the most time-consuming aspects of payroll, such as wage calculations and tax reporting, so that customers can focus on what they enjoy doing the most.

Wagepoint was founded in 2012 and makes payroll a delightful process for more than 18,000 small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers across North America. Wagepoint is a supportive, never-stuffy and refreshingly humane software development company with the world’s friendliest team. 

Small Business Tool for Payroll

Wagepoint is developed for small businesses and the bookkeepers and accountants who serve them. They consider the requirements and capabilities of small enterprises in all aspects, from product features to pricing. In addition, Wagepoint aspires to be a good friend to small businesses that happen to be a payroll expert. 

They understand that for small businesses, their enterprise is more than a job and is life itself. Therefore, Wagepoint finds it easy and natural to cater to the needs of small businesses without any plan to go “upmarket” and serve medium or large businesses. Their core mission is to help the most passionate and hardworking small business champion. 

Small Business Custom Solution

The Chief Executive Officer is Shrad Rao, who has built a team with a history of doing things differently. 

Wagepoint understands that paying people is a mechanical and essential part of running a business. But the challenge is that most payroll software for small businesses has been trimmed down from a large enterprise version to fit the small business requirements. Unfortunately, the result of this trimming is that the results are neither attractive nor useful.

Wagepoint has changed this situation by developing small business software that is not resized from existing designs. Instead, they have tailored a solution built just for small businesses, with the human factor woven deep into the fabric.

This custom payroll software for small businesses makes it simple to use and handle. Small business owners need not worry about the basics with the Wagepoint online payroll software as it offers direct deposit, online access to paystubs, and automated payroll taxes with a friendly, caring and supportive service.

Small Business Services 

Wagepoint helps small businesses pay employees and contractors. The software can send money directly to your employee’s bank accounts and give everyone online access to their payment details. In addition, it generates and submits Records of Employment (ROEs) without worrying about missing tax payments and late reporting.

The software can automate withholding, contributions and compliance for Federal and provincial/territorial income tax, Employment Insurance/Québec Parental Insurance Plan (EI/QPIP), Canada Pension Plan/Québec Pension Plan (CPP/QPP), Provincial and territorial taxes and Year-end T4/T4As and report.

The automatic calculation lowers the risk of costly mistakes. In addition, it improves the calculations of incomes, including overtime, bonuses and commissions; deductions like savings plan contributions and health insurance and paid time off like public holidays, vacations and sick time. It also has features to calculate Workers’ Compensation (WCB/WSIB) and Employer Health Tax/Health Services Fund (EHT/HSF).

Wagepoint is a technology that embraces human-friendly features. It is designed to be easy to use with built-in tips and guides and allows clever add-ons and integrations. 

The digitalization of payroll removes a huge burden from employers’ shoulders and helps them focus on their small business goals. Wagepoint ensures that everyone has been paid accurately and on time and that the company has made all necessary tax payments.

Wagepoint is a trusted payroll software by entrepreneurs and small businesses across North America. To know more about their services, visit their website at https://wagepoint.com/ca/

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