What Canadian businesses need to keep in mind when migrating to the cloud in 2021

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The acceleration of digital transformation across public and private sectors prompted by the global events of the past year has been significant, no matter the industry. However, there is a silver lining: these industries are now better positioned to take advantage of increased business agility and productivity.

While Canadians are adjusting to the new way of working, businesses are realizing that a fundamental move to the cloud will play a key role in the next step of this worldwide transformation.

However, some – particularly small – businesses have been forced to jump headfirst into the cloud without necessarily knowing what things to look for in choosing a cloud service provider.

These businesses need to keep a few key factors in mind when moving to the cloud. These include knowing the importance of data privacy, the benefits of implementing sustainable alternatives, and the importance of using AI and machine learning. By understanding these considerations, businesses looking to migrate to the cloud in 2021, no matter what their size, can prosper.

Businesses need to understand that data privacy and security is central to any cloud strategy

In Canada – with the recent proposed Digital Charter Implementation Act – a strong stake was pushed into the ground regarding the importance of data privacy, residency, and individual rights. Canadians want more control over their personal data. Business owners need to ensure that their cloud-based applications are hosted in the most secure way, and they need to look to implement tailored cloud solutions that rely on dedicated and isolated environments, which offer a consistent level of performance, availability, and reliability. Canadians are looking to businesses to handle their data in a safe and reliable manner, and the businesses that internalize this and act on their customers’ desires will gain consumer trust.

Businesses need to understand that there is an expectation from Canadians for sustainable alternatives to energy use post-pandemic

Even before the pandemic hit, the environment was top of mind for Canadians, and it was for the federal government as well, with its Federal Sustainable Development Strategy. As more businesses look to continue their migration to the cloud – generating more data-, investments in renewable energy sources, cooling technologies and circular economy will be expected from the data center industry to lower energy consumption.

The business owner who understands that when they’re choosing a cloud service provider who takes its carbon footprint seriously, they’re again acting in accordance with the expectations of their customers– and in the best interest of the planet, as well.

Businesses need to understand the benefits of implementing AI and machine learning analytics

Constant data flow represents an opportunity for businesses to extract insights using AI and machine learning. However, utilizing the value of data still presents challenges: data science resources are limited, and finding the right skill set for the job is often difficult and costs can spiral (especially at the SMB level). Businesses looking for a cloud service provider should turn to those that provide complete portfolios of easy-to-use and powerful AI solutions, as they will help fill these resource gaps and create a business advantage.

In conclusion, as businesses look to adapt to the swift increase of digital transformation and keep up with demand from their growing online customer bases, they will need to keep their cloud capabilities – and who provides these services – top of mind. That comes with the need to consider a cloud provider that takes into consideration data privacy, increased sustainability, and AI and machine learning, all of which are key to ensuring resiliency – and ultimately momentum – in the year ahead.

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