Why Small Businesses Need Enterprise-Grade Network Infrastructure

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“Purchasing retail might be cheaper, but it will not meet one’s business needs.”

Your small business might not be a Fortune 500 company, but that does not mean you can afford to settle for inferior IT equipment or processes. If you are running a small business, the temptation to save can be overwhelming. However, your margins are tight, and you need to control spending. In addition, your resources are limited, and you can only afford a few employees who may not have state-of-the-art expertise. So, like many small businesses, you may try to operate as cheaply as possible. 

Whether due to a shortage of professional IT skills or not having the right channel access, most small businesses tend to purchase their networking equipment from local IT vendors or retail stores. Nevertheless, using a router rather than a wireless access point may not be the best solution for your business. That just isn’t good enough in terms of security and privacy anymore. 

As small businesses develop, they need more robust and sophisticated networks to support an increasing number of applications and users. One just cannot compromise with IT and security management.

This informative article will walk you through the necessity of enterprise-grade networking equipment and show you why choosing it can eliminate headaches and maybe even save you money in the long run. Companies like CDW Canada help design a structure that fits the needs of your business and will provide you with the technology that you deserve to shine bright in the future.

Networking Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

One of the leading IT companies in Canada, CDW Canada, when speaking with their clients, detected five significant networking challenges faced by Canadian small and medium-sized businesses today:

  • Wi-Fi Issues: If the Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough, it will affect employees and customers who may be accessing one’s network. And when Wi-Fi networks do not have sufficient power running via routers, the network becomes unstable. Do your staff have the required skill set to install hardware and cabling and manage logs and firmware updates?
  • Internet Speed: Do you, as an owner of a small business, have enough bandwidth? Retail store-purchased routers might work for individual computers, but the internet will be slow for data and apps used by a group of employees. How do you plan accordingly? Can you choose the best routers to match your ISP?
  • Network Security: Is your network properly protected against unfortunate threats, or how are you protecting computers? Do you have your protocols in place for your network?
  • Finding the Most Suitable Device: You shouldn’t go for the cheapest option. Instead, you should find the best device to expand your network speed and bandwidth and instantly fix any network issues. Companies like CDW Canada provide small business owners with pre-sales advice and suggest the right equipment for their business.
  • Support Issues: Whether it is installation, professional services, or managing your environment, reputable companies like CDW Canada, with their robust managed services, can help you set up and manage your entire network through solid partnerships with top-notch vendors.

How Can Enterprise-Grade Equipment Help Small Businesses to Function Efficiently? Examining 5 Potential Benefits

Your business’s network should be stable and fast for your employees, regardless of where they are located. Because of this, you cannot simply depend on retail-grade equipment, especially when you need to manage multiple Access Points (APs) with finite IT staff. Here are a few of the benefits that you can get from upgrading your network equipment:

  • Fast and Reliable Wi-Fi: Your Wi-Fi won’t be fast if you have 20 people working from an AP or if you have 100 guests trying to access the Internet. You will need more APs (access points) for fast and reliable Wi-Fi. 
  • Hassle-free Set up and Management: Most small businesses have minimal IT staff and skills, so their network needs to be simple and clear to set up and manage. With numerous enterprise-grade solutions available, you can install your network in a few minutes and manage it anytime and anywhere through a mobile application.
  • Always On: Some small and medium-sized enterprises have employees worldwide who work at different hours. Enterprise-level networking offers an always-on solution that gives one access any time of the day.
  • All-Inclusive: An all-inclusive networking solution supports switching, routing, virtual machines and Wi-Fi. You will not need more devices when everything is in a single device. This helps curb costs if you don’t buy multiple platforms and you won’t even need a lot of staff to manage them.
  • Guaranteed Performance: Cheap equipment cannot support the current high-speed technology such as Wi-Fi 6. You can access this disruptive technology via enterprise-class products with guaranteed performance for high bandwidth. It’s helpful when it comes to Zoom calls or streaming videos.


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Why Should You Choose CDW Canada? What Sets Them Apart?

You can pin your faith on CDW Canada’s comprehensive networking expertise and experience to get your small business up and running with state-of-the-art, enterprise-level networking equipment from the leading network providers. In addition, their approach is consultative, which helps them understand a business owner’s needs and make superior recommendations that best-fit one’s business needs.

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CDW Canada houses a talented team of more than 300 experts, subject matter professionals, and robust engineers who leave no stone unturned when setting up or managing your overall network structure. They also have their personal Security Operations Centre and Network Operations Centre that can assist customers in security operations and network operations.

CDW works with network providers that specialize in small businesses like RUCKUS. RUCKUS is known for building securely wired and wireless access networks for companies that value end-user connectivity experiences, ensuring simplicity. 

If you wish to know more regarding CDW’s IT solutions for small businesses, you can simply scroll through their website and explore more.

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