Women-Led Businesses in Canada to Watch Out For! 

Women-Led Businesses in Canada to Watch Out For!

Women entrepreneurs are on the upswing in Canada, which is encouraging. In the Great White North, there are presently over 360,000 self-employed women, a 30 percent growth over the previous decade. Not only is this encouraging for women who want to start their own businesses, but it’s also good for the economy—research suggests that increasing the number of female entrepreneurs in the country may result in a $150 billion GDP economic benefit.

Of course, owning and maintaining a business isn’t simple, especially in the previous several years. According to FreshBooks data, women-owned firms across all industries take nearly twice as long as men-owned enterprises to recover from the financial blows struck by COVID-19. This is only one of several studies that have indicated that women carry the majority of the household load from the epidemic, a trend that is affecting women’s paid labour.

It’s also more difficult for female-led enterprises to get off the ground. According to Crunchbase, while billions of dollars in worldwide venture capital funding were distributed in 2020, female entrepreneurs earned only 2.3 percent of the pie.

So, CanadianSME has penned 10 of the many women-led businesses across Canada in order to honour these women entrepreneurs for their outstanding tenacity and for providing so much value to people’s lives in diverse ways.

  • GreenPort Cannabis

GreenPort, founded by Vivianne Wilson, is the first Black woman-owned cannabis firm in Canada. The dispensary in Little Italy hopes to de-stigmatize cannabis usage so that everyone, irrespective of gender, age, or race, can reap its advantages. Vivianne has always used her position to speak against the inequities in the cannabis business, advocating for pardon for cannabis users who are currently behind the bars. GreenPort is likewise dedicated to empowering small business entrepreneurs in the sector, and its website proudly displays its tiny but formidable list of suppliers.

  • MIX6IX

MIX6IX, launched by Sharon Miao, has you covered if you are searching for mixology classes, cocktail kits, or flair bartenders. This comprehensive mixology firm goes above and beyond, offering its cocktail knowledge through private classes, workshops, and the creation of unique drink menus. If you would rather leave the mixing to the experts, MIX6IX has a whole team that they send out to every type of party, relieving you of the stress as you sip a stiff cocktail.

  • High Definition Studios

High Definition Studios is a clothing line founded by two young businesswomen, Danijela Dobrich and Noor Wadhwa, that explores current streetwear features and bold aesthetic statements. Each season, the label produces a new collection, which includes thick fleece hoodies, transparent tote bags, and oversized t-shirts. Through anti-sweatshop methods and support for domestic manufacturing, sustainability and ethical production are highlighted.

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Bored of seeing the same old Marble Slabs and DQs all over the town, Nicole Bhar, Paula Shyba, and Candyce Morris founded Kind after long wishing for Edmonton to have its own handmade ice cream store. The store’s purpose, as the name says, is to be friendly to the community, the environment, and local suppliers. But, most crucially, the ice cream – manufactured batch by batch with top-shelf ingredients sourced from all around Alberta, is out of this world.

  • Fermé

Fermé, launched by, is an apparel company based out of Montreal. This company was inspired by the closed notices from businesses across Freyja’s hometown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded to alleviate food insecurity amid the pandemic, the label has subsequently evolved into a comfortable wear and loungewear business. Their capsule collection includes items created to give back to vital causes, with sales going to a charity of choice.

  • POUF

Elaine McReary, Shaeley Gibbins, and Katryna Ramoutsakis, the company’s founders, were three university students who loved smoking but failed to understand the cannabis culture. POUF was formed as a part of a response to the narrative, seeking to de-stigmatize female smoking. The company was founded as a result of a difficulty to locate top-notch smoking goods that were also relevant to female lifestyles. Accessories like their iconic Everyday Grinder and J-case are available in black and white. 


CUCCI CUCCI CUCCI is an all-inclusive store for everything CBD. It was founded by Hannah Nakawatase with the goal of removing the stigma associated with female sexuality and cannabis. The Yorkville cannabis store sells all things CBD tinctures to bath salts, face masks, and body scrubs. Besides their eponymous label, the company also sells Bodega Wellness, LAMM, Acapulco Gold, and Fleurs Tea, among other Canadian cannabis wellness products.

  • Queenfidence Cosmetics

Francine Behati understands that makeup is much more than simply playing dress-up. She lived in Uganda as a refugee after fleeing the civil war in her native country of the Congo, where she endured prejudice and bullying as a result of her family’s position. Francine started Queenfidence after moving to Canada in order to “empower and encourage everyone that beauty begins inside and can be improved with cosmetics.” The vegan and the cruelty-free company offer economical yet high-quality items for all cosmetics enthusiasts, regardless of skin tone and gender.

  • Jus By Oreya

Alexa Brittany, the founder of Oreya Studio hair salon, founded Jus By Oreya, an all-natural hair care products brand based out of Toronto. Beginning with their all-natural hair refreshment mask, the label provides a variety of products for addressing hair issues, and styling, including their natural hair oil treatment and hair cleanser. Coconut oil, cantaloupe extract, and watermelon seed oil are some of their distinctive constituents.

  • Mejuri

Noura Sakkijha co-founded the Toronto-based jewelry firm Mejuri in 2012. The jewelry line, which has been spotted on celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez, has a simple aesthetic with a focus on fair and affordable costs. The business develops high-quality items, encouraging ladies to wear luxury jewelry on a daily basis rather than only on special occasions.

The Key Takeaway

There are so many outstanding women who are transforming the business with their creative flair and entrepreneurial abilities, and if you’re looking for a simple method to keep track of them, follow our Instagram channel @canadiansme or you can simply scroll through our official website by visiting https://canadiansme.ca/ for more such updates.

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