3/4 OZ. Tonic Maison: Sip, Stir, Savour, And Elevate Every Sip with Their Cocktail Syrups

Do you look forward to exploring a bit of artistry and creativity that goes into crafting cocktails? As you know, cocktails offer a fascinating blend of flavours, techniques, and presentation that can appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences. 3/4 OZ. Tonic Maison is a new and young company that introduces handcrafted syrups perfect for cocktails and mocktail mixes. You can mix these syrups in your baking and soda elements too. Based in Montreal, 3/4 OZ. Tonic Maison produces delicate syrups in small batches. They give the best ingredients and offer free shipping for orders above $75. Make your party a thing for your ego boost with handcrafted cocktails.  

Above all, 3/4 oz. is the result of the friendship between two friends passionate about high-quality goods, design, photography, food, and celebration, Alexandrine Lemaire and Hannah Palmer.

Sophistication At Every Sip Of These Syrups From 3/4 OZ.

Delicate syrups for cocktails offer a subtle yet enchanting touch to your favourite libations. Crafted with precision and finesse, these syrups impart a gentle sweetness that enhances the natural flavours of the spirits without overpowering them. Whether it’s a floral infusion, a hint of fruitiness, or a whisper of herbs, delicate syrups add nuance and sophistication to any cocktail creation. Their understated elegance allows for the perfect balance of flavours, creating harmonious blends that linger on the palate. Ideal for those who appreciate the finer nuances of mixology, delicate syrups elevate cocktails to an art form, inviting exploration and appreciation with every sip.

Versatile Blends To Boost Your Taste and Senses

Tonic syrups for cocktails are the secret ingredient that transforms an ordinary drink into an extraordinary libation. Crafted with a blend of botanicals, herbs, and natural sweeteners, these syrups infuse a burst of flavour and complexity into every concoction. Whether it’s a classic gin and tonic or a creative twist on a cocktail favourite, tonic syrups add depth and character, elevating the drinking experience to new heights. With their versatility, bartenders and home enthusiasts alike can experiment with different combinations, tailoring each drink to their individual taste preferences. From refreshing citrus notes to subtle hints of spice, tonic syrups at 3/4 OZ offer a world of possibilities, making every sip a delightful journey for the palate.

Range of All-Natural Handcrafted Syrups:

  • Ginger Ale is an all-natural syrup concentrate made by hand in Montreal and is intended to be combined with sparkling water. 25 drinks may be made from a bottle.
  • Alex Atman creates the Dr. Pepper Cola that can bring out a great taste with bourbon, sparkling water cherries and nutmeg. 
  • Peach Bourbon Smash is blended with Bourbon, lemon, ginger and peach which can be all mixed and topped with sparkling water and 3/4 OZ.’s ginger ale.
  • Moscow mule that is usually served in metal mugs
  • Jungle Daiquiri is a Spritz syrup that has a wild and refreshing taste when added with the right amount of lime, pineapple rum and other ingredients.
  • St. Laurent Mon Amour
  • Citrus Spritz
  • Dark N Stormy
  • Kicks and Spritz
  • Falernum Gin & Tonic
  • Grapefruit Tonic
  • Whiskey Sour
  • Sour Green Giant
  • Amour honey Sour
  • Gin+Ger Apple Pie

Choose natural products over commercial blends; these syrups will refine your taste like never before with a hint of freshness and non-commercial punch. By visiting their website here, explore their variety of soft syrups that will up your cocktail experience big time!

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