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Tracey Bissett is the founder of Bissett Financial Fitness. She is a skilled professional with two decades of experience in the financial services sector, working directly or indirectly with personal, business, and corporate clients to reach their financial objectives.

Tracey has worked as an executive at TD Bank, assisting hundreds of people and business owners in obtaining the funding they want. Today, Tracey educates and empowers people, especially young adults and entrepreneurs, to take control of and confidently live their financial lives through her role as Chief Financial Fitness Trainer at Bissett Financial Fitness Inc.

She works as a full-time professor in Centennial College’s Business School’s financial services department. She also gives speeches and serves as the Executive Producer and Host of the Young Money podcast, all aimed at improving financial fitness.

The Fitness Expert

Tracey founded Bissett Financial Fitness Inc with a demonstrated passion for increasing financial fitness coupled with lending and risk management experience. She is qualified to coach about all things money owing to her hands-on experience in financing and formal financial education, including a Master of Business Administration and Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Using their expertise and technology, Bissett assists companies in attaining financial fitness. The ability to make wise financial decisions is referred to as financial fitness, often known as financial literacy. Your degree of financial fitness could be beginning to understand the fundamentals of money, progressing from a novice to an experienced budgeter, or increasing your level of sophistication as an investor.

She is constantly thinking about how to use the money to accomplish what she wants and help businesses reach financial fitness. She’s a fan of the hustle and has always been driven to learn and share with others. 

From a very young age, she was interested in entrepreneurship and looked at her company as an opportunity to support entrepreneurs grow their businesses. At Bissett Financial Fitness Inc., they are firm believers in giving back, whether it be time, talents, and treasures. 

Empowering Communities 

Bissett Financial Fitness believes financial fitness is a fundamental life skill and is passionate about spreading their mission to redefine the world’s economic future by increasing the financial literacy of young adults and entrepreneurs.

Working with a financial coach gives you clarity on your goals and educates, empowers, and trains you to take control of the financial part of your life and business. They consider it an absolute privilege to help money make sense, witness financial confidence grow, and watch clients’ transformation as they see what is possible. 

Being a socially responsible corporation, they launched the Young Money Scholarship Fund in 2020 to help post-secondary students with their financial expenses. A portion of the profit proceeds funds the Young Money Scholarship, meaning that you are helping students study in Canada by collaborating with them. In addition, she actively volunteers with Therapeutic Paws of Canada, the United Way of Toronto and York Region, and Junior Achievement of Central Ontario.

Through the Wealth Professional Awards 2020, Tracey Bissett was recognized as a Silver Award recipient for the IFSE Institute Award for Financial Literacy Champion.

For your first step to improving your financial fitness, visit the Bissett Financial Fitness website at

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