Bloom 24 Floristry: This Is Where Petals and Leaves Tell Distinct Stories

Want to find a florist who does everything in Oriental European and American? Look no further as Bloom 24 Floristry is here in Halifax that presents modern floral arrangements in numerous styles and patterns. They also own an exotic plant laboratory where they grow some of nature’s rare blooms and botanical wonders. 

With Bloom 24 Floristry’s flower delivery it’s simple to send freshly arranged flowers anywhere, at any time anywhere. Being known as the best florist in Halifax, they transport flowers and plants and allow customers to pick them up from their downtown flower shop, which is open six days a week. Offering a large selection of premium flowers, Bloom 24 is dedicated to crafting exquisite fresh flower arrangements by hand, with love and attention to detail, for their clients to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and all other special occasions.

Choose from their wide assortment and use their safe online checkout to select lovely flower arrangements. Place an order for flowers if you in and around Halifax for same-day delivery or pickup. 

Flowers Plants and Candles Of Rare Kinds And For All Occassions

Besides selling flowers and plants for all occassions, Bloom 24 sell soy wax candles of varied fragrances. Handtie bouquets is given a lot of importance here. Orchids, vase arrangements, wreaths and baskets are available for flowers. You can experience rare mix of plants like Satin Pothos, Philodendron Mican, Persian Lime tree, etc. They sell pet friendly plants, small, medium and large sized plants that include cacti and succulents too.  

Surprise Your Valentine With ‘The Love’ Handtie Bouquet

This is a a flawless fusion of purity and passion. Beautiful white flowers are tastefully mixed with bright red roses, a symbol of love, in this traditional Valentine’s Day arrangement that is meticulously made by hand.

‘The Passion’ Bouquet in Vase

“The Passion” Bouquet in Vase will elevate your gift-giving experience. It is a stunning arrangement that combines rich jewel tones of deep red roses, plush purples, and seductive burgundy, accentuated with hints of white or yellow blossoms. Each bouquet has a distinct design that will accompany your message. The colour of the flowers will not change, even though they might not look exactly like they do in the photos.

Home Accessories Sold At Bloom 24 Floristry

Various gold, silver and ceramic vases and pots are vailabe at their store. Greeting cards, incense holders, bowls, enamel pins, candle holders, ceramic decor sculptures, hanging holders, pot hugger, planters and rose sculptures are sold by Bloom 24. 

Explore nature’s wonders in plants, flowers and organic candles by visiting there website. 

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