Chatsimple, an autonomous AI chatbot for lead capture and conversion.

Small Business Canada

Want to breathe a sigh of relief, catch some air and come back looking all fresh and wound up? Toronto-based Chatsimple is here with its intelligent AI chatbot. Suitable for small and medium businesses, this AI-powered chatbot turns visitors into customers. 

Link Chatsimple to the tools you love

With only one click, integrate Chatsimple with Hubspot, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other platform to reach your clients wherever they are!

Excellent Client Service and Timely Resolutions

Chatsimple’s intelligent chatbot supports 175+ languages, quickly crafts responses to any questions without any human intervention.

Boost the conversion rate

Your website is the first thing customers see. Make sure they are heard and seen with this intelligent chatbot. Value-driven interaction leads to 3x more conversions.

Quote from CEO. Haozhe Sheng

“We are committed to building a suite of AI products for sales and support for businesses, keeping trust and empathy at the core of every customer interaction.”

Quote from Head of Growth. Vinay Raj

“We cannot deny the profound impact AI is going to have on every aspect of life. Our focus will be on using AI to understand customer needs and wants, and helping businesses to address those needs.”

From prospect to customer, everything is automated

Leads are automatically connected to, qualified, engaged, followed up with, and converted to clients. Utilize the AI chatbot to learn more about your consumer’s needs and wants.

This Is A chatbot that is updated continuously

Do you regularly create fresh content for your website or business? To ensure that the chatbot is current and provides visitors with up-to-date information, set up auto-retrain. With AI chat, you can provide your consumers with precise, well-spoken responses in a matter of seconds, 24/7.  Chatsimple lets you quickly scale and cut costs. 

Visit here to check out their product and customer stories.

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