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Insurance. Just what you need, when you need it, and precisely how you want it. So, welcome to the new world of digital, on-demand insurance. Duuo allows you to specify when your small business wants coverage and when you do not, ensuring that you only pay for what you require. This company wants every Canadian small business owner and entrepreneur to have access to personalized and intelligent insurance, so you can get the greatest protection for your specific small business requirements.

A Brief about Duuo

Duuo, founded by The Co-operators in the year 2018, is a digital insurance brand that delivers on-demand solutions to satisfy the demands of Canadian small business owners operating in a fast-paced digital economy. The company provides unique security plans that can be acquired online in just a few minutes. 

Duuo’s digital platform, powered by Slice Insurance Cloud Services, processes claims using AI (artificial intelligence) technology and provides full cybersecurity protection for insurers and client information. Duuo, in short, is the 21st century equivalent of this mindset. They look at insurance in a totally different way.

The new Duuo Small Business Insurance solution, developed in collaboration with Slice Labs, is a subscription-style commercial general liability coverage available to self-employed Canadian employees as well as small business owners.

In addition to the subscription model, which generally allows customers to buy insurance as required, Duuo gives policyholders the ability to tailor their policy with several add-on coverages for things such as business products protection and business tools.

Duuo is also collaborating with Canadian work platforms to give their contractors affordable small business insurance in order to increase the number of Canadian workers who have coverage.

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What Exactly Is Duuo’s Small Business Insurance?

To put it simply, Duuo Small Business Insurance puts forward Commercial General Liability (CGL) coverage for Canadian self-employed workers for their business activities. The following coverages are included in each Duuo Small Business Insurance policy:

  • Commercial General Liability: CGL or Commercial General Liability insurance covers your company in the event that you are held accountable for personal injury, property damage, physical harm, or advertising harm as a result of your business operations. This coverage is intended to protect you if you are sued for carelessness as a result of your job.

Coverage: $1 million to $2 million

  • Products-Completed Operations: Products-Completed Operations is meant to cover the damages caused by your faulty work as well as the legal fees you may incur as a consequence of this claim if a customer ever files a lawsuit against you for physical injury or property as a result of your work.

Coverage: $1 million

  • Business Contents: As a professional, you have company assets to safeguard (think seats, laptops, appliances, signs, and marketing materials). Duuo’s Small Business Insurance policy includes optional Business Belongings coverage, which protects your company’s contents in the event they are stolen, destroyed, or damaged.

Coverage: $10k or $25k

  • Business Tools: Consider all of the tools you use on a regular basis to do your job. Whether it’s hand tools or a camera, DuuO’s Business Tools Coverage is an optional add-on to your overall policy that will pay you the real cash worth of your business tools if they’re lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Coverage: $10k

What Does Duuo Cover?

Duuo is perfect for small self-employed business owners that need CGL (Commercial General Liability) insurance. They presently provide business general liability insurance to the following professions:

  • Handyman services
  • Mounting and installation
  • Furniture assembly or repair
  • Appliance installation and repair
  • Moving services
  • Electrical Contractors (Non-Industrial)
  • Photography/Videography

If you are unable to find your profession on the list, you can contact Duuo at [email protected] and tell them about your specific needs. And let us tell you that in the next few months, Duuo Small Business Insurance is planning to increase its coverage list, giving Professional Liability coverage to a bigger number of Canadian workers.

What’s Excluded from Duuo’s Small Business Insurance Policy?

Presently, Duuo Small Business Insurance does not provide:

  • Property coverage for owned-buildings
  • Business disruptions or income loss
  • Liability for non-owned vehicles
  • Professional liability or Errors and Omissions

How to Buy Duuo Small Business Insurance?

Duuo’s small business insurance can easily be acquired online using the company’s digital platform. You need to simply provide a few data about your company and the coverage levels you want, and you’re done. Policies begin at just  $40 per month. Duuo insurance is meant to automatically renew each month, eliminating the need to repurchase coverage.

For more information regarding Duuo, and its small business insurance policies, you can scroll through its official website by visiting https://duuo.ca/.

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