How Black Canadian Women in Action Is Empowering Canadian Black Women and Girls

How Black Canadian Women in Action Is Empowering Canadian Black Women and Girls

Black Canadians and their communities have shaped part of Canada’s identity and heritage since the arrival of Mathieu Da Costa, an interpreter, and navigator whose presence dates back to the early 1600s in Canada. The role of Black Canadians and their communities has been largely overlooked as an important part of Canadian history. Little mention is made of the fact that some of the Loyalists who came to Canada and settled in the Maritimes soon after the American Revolution were people of African descent, nor the fact that many wartime soldiers of African descent made many sacrifices as early as the 1812 War. 

There are few Canadians who are acquainted with the fact that Africans were enslaved in the area known as Canada, or that those who fought against enslavement helped lay the foundation for Canada’s inclusive and diverse culture to lay society.

Black History Month (BHM) is a time to learn about such Canadian stories and several other notable contributions by Black Canadians and their communities, and organizations who have contributed to Canada’s history and continued growth.

There’s one such Canadian organization that works tirelessly around Canada in order to preserve Black history by empowering, celebrating, and supporting the development of Canadian Black women and girls. The organization is none other than Black Canadian Women (BCW) in Action.

How Black Canadian Women in Action Is Empowering Canadian Black Women and Girls
A Brief about BWC in Action

BWC in Action (Black Canadian Women in Action) is a not-for-profit, bilingual organization dedicated to improving the lives of Black Canadian communities residing in Western Canada. Their vision is to bolster the empowerment of Black Canadian girls and women in all sectors of society through leadership, building self-esteem, and confidence by organizing workshops, conferences, programs, and much more. 

Through BWC in Action’s business unit – Black Canadian Business (BCB) in Action, they bring together professionals and entrepreneurs and provide opportunities for personal and professional development through education, networking, leadership, economic empowerment, capacity building, and programs. The aim of BCB is to be a leader in establishing a robust Black business community in Western Canada and to assist, empower, and nurture Black entrepreneurs to conquer domestic and international markets.

Black Canadian Women in Action promotes and sponsors cultural activities specific to their communities that provide a sense of belonging and togetherness to Canadian society. Their cultural activities include poetry, music, art, and dance, among other activities. Through building bridges, collaborations, and partnerships with other organizations and communities, they advance the cause of Black girls, women, and families. 

Black Canadian Women in Action conducts research, collects data, and disseminates knowledge on the economic, cultural, and social aspects of Black communities. They inspire Black Canadian women and girls to strive for greatness and believe that together they can make a difference, ensuring the success of their collective future.

How Black Canadian Women in Action Is Empowering Canadian Black Women and Girls
About BCW Wellbeing Center

The BCW Wellbeing Center is a hub for Canadian Black girls and women to learn skills that suit their diverse interests, network with other women, and also engage in activities that permit them to fully express themselves in all aspects of their endeavors. The center is committed to:

  • Wellbeing initiatives
  • Counselling services
  • Healthy living
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Skills training
  • CreativeHub
  • Culinary Art.

Active Women Programs:

  • Empowerment by Arts and Culture
  • Mental and Social Wellness Program

Black Girls Empowerment Program:

  • Black Girls Leadership Program
  • Black Girls’ Corner
  • Inner Child Series

Senior Programs:

The goal of the senior program is to help seniors rise. It is seen that in communities, seniors suffer from isolation, particularly in the Black community, and this program of BCW Wellbeing Center provides mentorship and education on how to connect with digital media and tools.

Perks of Volunteering with BWC in Action

Black Canadian Women (BWC) in Action are always in search of Black women of action to join their committees to plan and execute projects, help coordinate events, and develop programs. Their to-do list is endless. 

If one wants to be a part of their committee, they just need to fill up an online application form in order to enjoy the benefits that come along with being a volunteer.

  • Discount on the membership fee;
  • Help build one’s professional network;
  • Training is provided;
  • Help develop soft and transferable skills;
  • Help develop interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Help improve an individual’s self-esteem.
About BWC in Action Membership
  • To be an active member of the BWC in Action, one needs to adhere to the laws and regulations and pay their annual membership fees.
  • The membership is for one full fiscal year.
  • Active membership gives one the right to vote.
  • The BWC in Action membership expires every year on March 31st.

Membership for Students: In order to become a member of the BWC in Action, students need to pay $10. 

  • They will get a discount on events;
  • They will have access to a network of professional women or black business;
  • They will receive invitations to “exclusive members-only” events.

Membership for General: In order to become a member of the BWC in Action, professional women need to pay $20.

  • They will have access to a network of professional women or black business;
  • Can cross-promote their events;
  • They will get the opportunity to be featured on BEC in Action blog;
  • They will have access to the business directory;
  • They can connect and network with other business owners or professionals;
  • Promotional opportunities at BWC in Action’s events;
  • They can redeem “members-only” discount rates with selected organizations.

For more information regarding Black Canadian Women (BWC) in Action, one can scroll through their official website and explore more.

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