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If you appreciate working with small businesses and startups, providing products or services that’ll assist them on their entrepreneurial adventures, and sharing your knowledge with a thriving community of information-hungry founders, you may consider being a mentor at Small Business Academy. It is an ideal platform for generating leads, raising your profile, and increasing brand recognition.

Continue reading to learn about the advantages of being a mentor and how it may help you expand your client base. And do not just staunchly believe in our words for it; hear from people who have previously used the Small Business Academy platform to raise their visibility, expand their businesses, and create leads.

Create a public profile and showcase your company’s services

Clients will not necessarily come knocking on your door to collaborate with you unless you are popular and connected. It is your responsibility to discover new clients, explain how you can assist them, and, most importantly, persuade them to pay for your services.

Consider your Small Business Academy profile to be an out-and-out online shop window; an opportunity to make a fantastic first impression and lure potential clients. Your profile will not just be displayed in the Small Business Academy search results, but because it’s a public profile, you will also be discoverable through search engines, making it a useful marketing tool for you as well as your organization.

You can personalize your profile, just like any other marketing tool, to match the demands and interests of your target audience. Through our private online chat system, small business owners can interact with you, arrange discovery calls, and get quotations.

Prospective clients want to get to know you and your company (after all, individuals connect with each other), so you may further customize your page with a photo, a detailed bio, your official residence, and connections to all of your social networking channels.

The most crucial thing, however, is that you will publish a portfolio of company services. This is where you can truly demonstrate your breadth of knowledge – just like on your personal site. There isn’t any limit to the number of services you may add; the more you offer, the more visible you will be across the site. Your services are also included in the Small Business Academy marketplace, where members may find their ideal advisor match. That person maybe you.

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Participate in public speaking activities

Guest speaking may help you establish yourself as an authority in your profession, gain access to a specific audience, and can set you as well as your organization apart from the competitors.

We offer a lot of events each year, ranging from headline events to everyday webinars, and we’re constantly searching for specialists to share their expertise. And as a mentor, you’ll always get first dibs on such speaking engagements. It is one of the most effective ways to create leads, and you’ll frequently find a line of entrepreneurs and small business owners waiting to talk with you afterward.

You may even offer your personal topic if you feel like hosting one of your regular webinars. From finance to digital marketing, these bite-sized events cover all aspects of establishing and developing a small business, and they typically draw hundreds of registrants, along with a lot more watching on-demand.

Create and distribute content

One of the most significant advantages of becoming a Small Business Academy mentor is the possibility to produce blog entries for a large audience of enthusiastic small business owners. It is an excellent approach to be recognized by the ones who really matter: prospective clients. And the advantages go beyond increased visibility: by writing boldly about your field of knowledge, you will publicly establish yourself as a thought leader in your business or profession.

When it comes to pen content, there aren’t any hard and fast rules either. We like anything that educates our community members on how to execute something, pushes them to consider something completely new, resolves one of their acute problems, and makes them appear more professional. Well, the list is endless.

We will make every effort to distribute posts on our social networking channels as well as our weekly newsletters. They will also be visible in search results all over the Small Business Academy platform. And yes, we will include a link to your profile, so small business owners can contact you to learn more about your products and services.

Since we know that many learning formats are preferred by our members, advisor members may now contribute podcasts, webinars, and e-Books using our self-service content upload platform.

Learn about small businesses

We understand what areas of help small business owners are seeking, and when they are searching for it, based on data gathered from a lot of members and visitors to our digital platform. We understand the main questions they are asking, the issues they are encountering, how they are answering to economic changes, as well as their top objectives.

We make use of these insights in order to shape the assistance we provide. And, once a month, we share these findings with our mentors, along with recommendations on how you leverage this knowledge to help the small business community.

Host Groups

We will be adding a tool in order to help users broaden their network and interact with individuals who share their interests – Groups.

Groups serve as a forum for spontaneous dialogue, allowing members to exchange information and experiences, face obstacles, and uncover new possibilities. Some specialize in certain areas like small business financing or social media marketing. Others are industry-specific, like food and beverage or beauty. There is truly a group for every member.

As a Small Business Academy mentor, you can not only join groups but also establish and administer them. Being the host of a group, you are the first face that members get to see when they join, allowing you to present yourself as a thought leader and professional in your area of expertise. You will also get informed when a member asks a question, allowing you to give advice and help as well as market your services to individuals in need of your knowledge.

Promote your own workshops and events

As a mentor, you will most certainly want to experiment with multiple revenue streams. Running workshops or hosting events is a fantastic method to accomplish this. Not only are you going to earn money from the events but also they are a terrific opportunity to meet new people and gain new clients. But how are you going to persuade people to come?

Every week, a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs explore the Small Business Academy platform for events, seeking low-cost ways to improve their skills and create new contacts. As a mentor, you may put information about your workshops and events, and we will publicize them on your behalf.


Our content acknowledges the strength of the ardent entrepreneurs and their lifelong experiences of the marketplace that help them build successful business empires. Our belief in productive learning and providing inclusive content is why we have plans for a wide spectrum of activities that incorporate everything from reading to prolific networking. 


Become a community leader

Small Business Academy is on a mission to alleviate the loneliness that is frequently associated with business through our Local Meet-up campaign. They provide a calm, casual setting for small business entrepreneurs to engage with other entrepreneurs in their community. They offer an off-the-shelf support network as well as the ability to cooperate, exchange ideas, debate issues, and keep one other responsible. And they would not exist without our nexus of community leaders, each of whom is dedicated to their community and is enthusiastic about assisting small enterprises in their communities.

Do you want to host a helpful peer group in your community? We are looking for more community leaders, and there isn’t any better opportunity to establish yourself as a robust small business advocate. Throughout the year, we will provide these opportunities to our mentor or advisor members.

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