Nolah Organics: Organic Brilliance That Nourishes Your Hair and Body Naturally

Get to know Nolah Organics’ founder and proprietor, Noel. She founded the business because she wanted to support those who have similar hair types to her. The particular Afro-style hair type belongs to certain people of a distinct culture. It usually requires a bit of care and nurturing to maintain such hair. Noel’s effort was also for people who are looking for hair and skin care products with more natural ingredients.

Being a 4C natural, she discovered during her hair journey that natural butter and oils nourished and softened her hair in a manner that store-bought products could not match. After utilizing natural butter and oils in her hair and learning about their various advantages, she noticed that her hair was growing more and breaking less frequently. She wants to spread the love with her products and hopes you love them and share them with more and more people. Her store sells several products:

  • Face and body oil
  • Body butter
  • Hair growth bundle
  • Stimulating hair growth oil
  • Sugar scrubs
  • Hair Masks
  • Hair conditioners
  • Soy wax candles
  • Hair butter

Soften, Moisturize, and Invigorate You Skin and Hair

Get a warm feeling of cleansing and elevated sensations with refined body butter and essential oils. Make your skin, hair, and body breathe their natural essence in the true warmth of Mother Nature. Maintain a schedule of using their items, and soon you will get attached to Nolah Organics. The brand promotes the health and wellness of your hair and scalp, body and skin and stimulation of your senses. 

Sweet Vanilla Body Oil

Vitamin E and nutritious sweet almonds are used to make this luxurious oil. After taking a shower, use it to hydrate your skin and apply it to dry areas as needed.

This oil has a lovely vanilla aroma to it. For skin that is radiant and hydrated, use it every day. For convenient use, this oil is packaged in a 4 oz glass dropper container.

Ayurvedic Honey Hair Mask

This product has been designed to promote natural afro hair growth without the use of parabens or other hazardous chemicals. nourishing components that strengthen, thicken, and develop hair.

Ingredients used: Raw honey, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, fenugreek, amla powder, neem oil, hibiscus powder, eucalyptus essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, peppermint essential oil, and tea tree oil. Refined shea butter is also included.

Pre-shampoos work wonders at sealing in the natural oils that your scalp requires to keep your hair hydrated, robust, and pliable. When shampooing, these oils are frequently removed. The advantages of a pre-shampoo treatment can vary according to the substances. Since honey is a naturally occurring humectant, it can draw moisture from the surrounding air and retain it in your hair. As a result, there will be less breakage, enabling the hair to continue growing longer and stronger.

Transforming Tresses, Nourishing Root

With afro hair, you have to take daily care seriously. Let us take, for example, Nolah’s ginger and pumpkin seed oil hair butter. It can be used to soften and moisturize dry hair. This can be used as a twist and braid styler. Apply straight to the hair’s length or scalp. Use every day or as required. 

Hair butter types are available in olive, peppermint, cloves & sweet orange, amla & jasmine, henna, fenugreek & ginger, carrot & ginger, coffee cloves & cinnamon and peppermint & lemongrass variants. Essential oils are used to create these items. They circulate blood and strengthen the hair roots preventing hair loss and promoting growth. 

Visit here: to go through their wide range of naturally rich home and personal care products. 

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