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Pocketed Grant Platform unlocks the power of government funding in grant and tax credits for startups and small businesses in North America.

Pocketing Money For Business Growth

Pocketed noticed that billions of dollars in grant funding and tax credits are available to North American businesses annually. However, this funding continues to be a leading barrier to entrepreneurship and innovation.

It is to resolve this situation that Pocketed was built. The startup strives to unlock non-dilutive funding for small businesses and startups. They help businesses in Canada and the USA access billions of dollars annually in grant funding and tax credits with their free intelligent matching platform and marketplace for non-dilutive financing.

They provide access to free money for hiring, marketing, expansion and research, tax credits, grants, business incentives and getting you the money you need to grow.

They have built Pocketed to make government funding more accessible and impactful to every business owner. Thereby they are on a mission to eliminate financial barriers for businesses. They thrive on simplifying access to capital. 

Their platform was created with the user in mind to make the process of funding business operations simple and easy without confusion or time consumption. This is accomplished through their intelligent grant matching tool, which quickly finds, successfully accesses and connects you to the appropriate government financial opportunities for business growth. In addition, they assist consumers in getting more money in their pockets by taking the guesswork out of these complex government programs.

Even at the pandemic’s peak, when many companies wind down their operations or close entirely, Pocketed thrived through its grant funding programs. They had figured out how to effectively leverage government funding, securing over $750K in grant funding and tax credits. 

In recognition of their efforts, Pocketed was awarded at the 2022 Odlum Brown Forum Pitch Competition, the 2022 UBC Entrepreneur Investor Showcase People’s Choice Award, and Ready to Rocket’s 2021 Emerging Rocket title.

Reinventing Grant Funding 

Brianna Blaney helps businesses succeed with Grant Funding, AI and people solutions. As the founder and CEO of Pocketed, Blaney is working to eliminate financial barriers for businesses.  

Blaney was recognized as the Top 30 Under 30 Winner who has been working in the recruitment industry for the past nine years. She helps companies across North America hire thousands of employees. 

Her initiative as the CEO of Pocketed is to help time-strapped Canadian entrepreneurs access over $2.9B in grant funding through intelligent matching and grant-based financing. In addition, they are on a mission to power innovation in Canada by democratizing access to non-dilutive funding. 

Since launching in 2020, Pocketed has been making waves by reinventing grant funding for businesses through three easy steps: getting matched, getting support and getting funded. 

Pocketed offers a new frontier of funding by ensuring it’s right in your back pocket. For more information about their services, visit their website at  https://hellopocketed.io/

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