Preparing For A Pandemic: Coronavirus In Your Workplace

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Ryan Wozniak, Senior Vice President of Legal and Operations, Peninsula

As the number of coronavirus cases in Canada grows, it is increasingly important for everyone to play their part in containing its spread. Care must especially be exercised in public spaces and workplaces, which are frequently large, open and high in density, making it easy for the virus to be transmitted. However, many Canadian businesses do not have a plan for dealing with the coronavirus. How can employers prevent its spread to their workplace and what should they do if they have an employee who has contracted the virus?

Preventative Measures for Businesses


Employers should make employees aware of government travel advisories, discourage vacations to affected areas and cancel any work-related travel at this time. Employers should be flexible and accommodating with how employees choose to get to work, as some may prefer to avoid taking public transit.


Common spaces should be cleaned daily, thoroughly and frequently. Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, phones, keyboards, desks, and countertops should be disinfected often. Employers should also remind employees of correct hygiene procedures when washing hands when handling equipment and products and to cough and sneeze into tissues or into the crook of their elbow. Tissues, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, face masks, and disposal bins should be made available to staff in your workplace.

Preparing for a Pandemic

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has issued guidelines on its website for employers to follow when preparing their business to react to a pandemic. Employers are advised to allow absences due to personal illness, the illness of family members, community containment measures and quarantines, school and business closures and public transportation closures.

Managing Sick Employees and Absences

All employees exhibiting relevant symptoms, even if they are mild, should be told to self-isolate at home according to regular company sick leave procedures. Employees should also be advised to visit a health care practitioner and to inform their public health authority.

Since the recommended quarantine period for the coronavirus is 14 days, many businesses would have to make the exception and go beyond their regular sick leave allowance. As some employees cannot afford to miss pay, employers should consider providing paid sick leave to ensure that they are able to remain at home.

Can I send an employee home as a precaution if they aren’t sick?

Employees who are not yet experiencing symptoms can be sent home as a precaution if: 1) they have recently travelled or have been in contact with someone who has travelled or is sick, 2) they are provided full pay. However, employers must be careful to only send employees home if they have good reason to do so. Sending an employee home without reasonable cause could lead to a discrimination claim to the business.

Ryan Wozniak

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