Sapling Financial Consultants Provides Financial Consulting For Mid-Market Businesses

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Sapling Financial Consultants was formed to close a gap in the market when it comes to providing mid-market businesses and entrepreneurs with high-quality financial modelling at a reasonable cost. If you are a mid-sized company looking for affordable, high-calibre financial and analytical solutions, Sapling can help you with financial planning & analysis, data analytics and due diligence services. If you have a private equity firm you drastically want to scale up,  have Sapling Financial Consultants help  with your data analytics and financial modelling. Get all the clarity and confidence boost from Sapling to tailor your business for success.  

“Since launching in 2015, Sapling Financial Consultants has committed to empowering mid-sized businesses with affordable, high-calibre financial and analytical solutions. Our company provides the tools for sustained growth and strategic advantage in today’s dynamic market landscape,” shared Rob Hong, co-founder and CEO of Sapling Financial Consultants. “Together with Andreea Lupascu, our co-founder, we’ve strived to deliver comprehensive services, including data analytics, interim FP&A and financial due diligence. Today, we proudly serve Canadian and U.S. clients from coast to coast, providing actionable insights and strategic guidance.”

Sapling Financial Consultants Bridges The Gap Between Finance and Information Technology

Sapling’s data analytics services bridge the gap between IT and finance by analyzing, integrating and automating their clients’ data. Creative solutions appropriately convey data to optimally facilitate decision-making. They also offer strategic advice about the selection of KPIs. Sapling Financial Consultants has the technical know-how to automate data extraction from many back-end systems and develop Business Intelligence Dashboards.

Sapling Financial Consultants Services:

  • Performance Improvement
  • Financial Modeling
  • Strategic Finance
  • Outsourced FP&A
  • Data Analytics
  • Finance Automation

You Can Avail Their Services If You Are In:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Private Equity
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Mid-Market
  • Restructuring & Insolvency
  • Electricity Developers

Visit here to understand how Sapling Financial Consultants can provide financial and analytical solutions for your business. 

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