Why Social Media Is A Must For Canadian Small Businesses

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Ever wondered how Social Media can profit your business making it one of the top-notches in the marketplace? As per facts, Social Media happens to have an outstanding lead-to-close rate than conventional marketing. While it publicizes your brand quite broadly, you can also know what you ought to sell to whom.

According to research conducted by Constant Contact, up to 65% of Canadians prefer online shopping which shows how massively social media is dominated by users belonging to just Canada. As if it were not enough to convince, up to 82% of Canadians connect through Social Media. To verify up the love of Canadians for Internet, CIRA says that Canada loves to connect and engage online. Zooming into the surveys concreting the Canadian presence on Social Media, it can be safely implied that 79% of Canadians between the ages of 16 to 26 are on the social media while 79% say they come online to compare prices online before making a big purchase.

After taking a look at these stats and information, you might well be concluding that every business in Canada is on the social train — well, that’s not the case! Most small businesses in Canada are actually missing on the social boat. These small businesses continue to focus their efforts on traditional ways of reaching out to existing and potential customers. For the most part, just 28% use Facebook and only 9% are active on Twitter — this is pretty poor, especially with the plethora of online prospects at their disposal.

Do You Own a Business in Canada? This is What You Should Be Doing

It’s normal for Canadian businesses to be part of the social movement and take advantage of everything it offers. Failure to do this will only give the competition an edge over your business. And so, with the recent statistics, you can easily tell that behaviors are changing — Canadians are becoming less interested in the traditional forms of engagement. They’re now focusing on mobile, search and social media.

It’s pretty clear that social media platforms are indispensable assets that keep you connected with the outside world without burning a hole in your wallet. The good thing is that any medium you can use to promote your brand will give a significant boost to your market share. It’s however important to note that it will take time for your social engagement to pay off, but they surely will — you only have to be consistent.

For the most part, your Canadian business should be on all the major social media platforms. Now, once you’re there, be sure to create a human presence and add some sort of social proof into the mix. It’s important to note that consumers typically search for general information and reliable authority in the industry to obtain the trusted industry related information. The good thing is, they’re likely to run their search on search engines and major social media platforms. Now if your business has a good online presence, there’s a good chance of getting quality leads, and that will certainly blow your competition out of the water.

The best part?

There are tons of free and inexpensive resources that can help your business navigate the social sphere. For instance, the Facebook for Business Page makes it exceptionally easy to set up business pages, post ads, measure traffic and much more. Whereas, Twitter for Business provides you with timeless advice on how to grow your follower base, boost conversions, find quality leads to name a few — what more could you ask for?

Let’s round up with the statistics; over 47% Canadian business owners acknowledge that social media will help grow their business, but only 39% have some sort of online presence, and 24% engage their consumers on a regular basis.

Now is the perfect time to take action; create an excellent social media plan and start taking advantage of the huge online prospects in the Canadian market — you’re sure to be astonished by the results. Remember, consistency is the key!

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