Women in Payments: Connecting Women to Their Dreams

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Women in Payments is a global network for women, by women. They work in a male-dominated industry and strive to shift that tide together. They assist women in advancing their careers by fostering a supportive and empowering culture that encourages significant progress.

Women in Payments opens the platform for ambitious women in payment services, card schemes, banking, treasury, or fintech and woman entrepreneur to fulfill their goals and dreams. Through Women in Payments, aspirant women can make meaningful connections with other women in payments, learn critical skills, and stay ahead of industry developments.

They work with the motto “All for one. One for all.” They empower and connect members to enhance career progress as a professional women’s association of ambitious women in the payments industry who share a vision of gender parity.

Their programs are energetic, up-to-date, and relevant to any woman interested in a career in payments or fintech. The Women in Payments Symposia are one-of-a-kind events that connect, motivate, and champion women in the payments business.

Women starting out in their careers can benefit from their mentorship program, which pairs them with an experienced, senior-level payments professional. In addition, members stay connected year-round via their private online “platform of members” for conversations on the latest industry trends, assistance locating relevant employment possibilities, networking with like-minded persons in a global women’s network, and much more.

They inspire women by allowing them to hear and learn from other women experts at their networking, education events and annual symposia. In addition, they champion women through mentorship, speaking opportunities, and award recognition. 

Aspiring women can gain an insider advantage by joining their online community and connecting with amazing women in payments worldwide, accessing the latest industry trends, exploring exciting career opportunities, and much more. 

In addition, they help get the female perspective on industry news, trends, professional growth, and the latest speaking, career, and mentorship opportunities. 

They believe that women are stronger together and that there’s incredible power in uniting women with a shared vision of gender parity in the payments industry.

Envisioning Women Leaders

Kristy Duncan is the CEO and founder of Women in Payments, a global professional network that promotes gender equality in the payments and fintech industries.

The organization provides support for the career development of women across payments and fintech through various programs such as leadership development, symposia, awards, networking, and mentorship. 

 Kristy is an investor and advisor to a number of female-led fintech startups. In addition, she has experience in payments, having worked as a consultant for prominent fintech companies, financial institutions, regulators, and payment networks, as well as in banking leadership roles.

Kristy is a highly respected leader in the field and a frequently sought-after industry speaker, advisor, and mentor. Her proudest work is her mentorship of rising stars around the world and her advocacy for gender equity within banking and fintech across the industry. 

Today, Women in Payments is the largest payments and fintech organization for women in the world. They have seen a 140% increase in the global community and have grown from 10,000 to over 24,000 members and supporters.  

Kristy Duncan works tirelessly to raise awareness of gender inequality and promote the benefits of diversity within the fintech and payments professions. As a result, she has helped increase the advancement and representation of women within these industries. 

Her advocacy highlights the need for more inclusivity and equal opportunities and the importance of mentorship and sponsorship programs. She has created a global platform that supports women’s professional development and career advancement across the fintech and payments sectors.

Women in Payments is founded on the belief that women in business deserve every chance to succeed professionally and personally. They strive to lead that change together in a male-dominated industry. 

Their expanding network brings together women in payments from around the world to make meaningful connections with other like-minded women in payments while acquiring the core skills and industry insights you need to advance your career faster.

Women in Payments have participation and support from across the payments ecosystems in Canada, the US, Australia, EMEA, ASEAN, and LATAM.

Programs like Women in Payments play a crucial role in addressing this disparity and promoting career growth for women in these fields. They connect, inspire, and champion women in the payment industry. To learn more about their services and programs, visit https://www.womeninpayments.org/home

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