Worksimply: Reinventing and Revolutionizing the Workspace for Remote Workers in Canada

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As businesses adapt to a post-pandemic world, hybrid work arrangements have become the new normal. Worksimply recognizes this shift and offers a flexible solution that caters to the needs of both businesses and employees. With better technology and networking, a growing number of companies now require a safe working space for their remote staff.

Worksimply understands this transition and provides an adaptable service to meet the requirements of both employers and workers. By providing access to on-demand office space and coworking spaces, Worksimply empowers employees to work in a way that suits their lifestyles and preferences. This leads to increased productivity and employee satisfaction, ultimately benefiting the business as a whole. As we look towards the future, Worksimply is leading the way in creating a workplace platform that promotes flexibility, creativity, and collaboration, all while reducing costs and increasing freedom.

The Hybrid Workplace Platform

Worksimply is a web service that helps new businesses and startups find the shared office and coworking space. It’s a platform that facilitates the scheduling of appointments for on-demand office space, the creation of bespoke websites, the attraction of customers, and the management of inventory and analytical data. A wonderful alternative for companies wishing to cut office space expenses while enhancing employee mobility, Worksimply allows workers to reserve a desk at either the company’s main office or a flexible office location near their residences.

Establishing Alliances and Attracting Investors

Worksimply is a rapidly expanding business that places a premium on its connections with customers and financiers. Worksimply provides a one-of-a-kind alternative that fits the requirements of small teams and startups, who are increasingly adopting hybrid work arrangements. Worksimply plans to raise capital and form key alliances to broaden its impact and further its mission to improve the way we work.

The Vision of Worksimply’s Founder and CEO

Worksimply’s CEO, co-founder, and tennis enthusiast Jaime Aoyagi is a user experience designer by trade and a business mogul by passion. Aoyagi is convinced that design and user experience can significantly affect businesses and our everyday lives, and he draws inspiration from Japanese minimalism and the art of hospitality. Aoyagi’s goal in developing Worksimply was to provide a platform for the modern workplace that would allow for greater individual autonomy while encouraging teamwork and innovation. 

As the world continues to embrace hybrid work arrangements, Worksimply offers a solution that caters to the needs of small teams and startups. With a focus on user experience and building strong relationships, Worksimply is poised to become a leading workplace platform in the industry. Whether you’re looking to reduce office space costs or increase employee freedom, Worksimply has you covered.

Interested to know more about this intriguing venture and how it works to make the lives of remote staff easy and incentivize their businesses? Log on to Worksimply’s official website and learn how they can enhance your experience as a professional at

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