The 3 Reasons Why Established Marketing Will Help You Franchise

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With 1,200 to 1,300 franchise companies in Canada, what can a new entrepreneur looking to invest in a franchise do to ensure they stand out and succeed? Join a franchise with successful marketing and public relations strategies already in place. Not only do you want to know the company you plan to join has a presence, but you’ll also want to ensure their existing marketing has a positive impact and will best benefit your business when you choose to franchise with them.

Using successful and positive marketing strategies is how female-led Belle Construction plans to put their franchisees ahead of the curve.

They’ve been building a long-lasting reputation that is authentic to who they are via strategic media and PR techniques. By taking the time to build their reputation, any future franchisee will be well prepared to dive into their new business venture. Read the 3 reasons why this strategy will help a franchise.

  1. The groundwork is laid out

Let’s put it simply – as a new business owner of a franchise, you’ll have less work that is needed to build your reputation. The company is well-known enough that you can build upon this in your particular region. While there will be effort and continued marketing strategies employed by the franchisee, the guidelines and basics have already been completed on their behalf to ensure they can succeed.

You can additionally take support and guidance from previous PR & marketing strategies employed by the original franchise owners. This will help lead you in your particular franchise tactics as well as the messaging behind each step you take within the business.

2. The popularity of franchising is rising, you’ll want to stand out from the rest

As mentioned above, the number of existing franchises is high and is becoming increasingly popular for young entrepreneurs to join to make their way in the world of business. If you choose to franchise with a company that is not only known in the media with its marketing techniques, but celebrated for its uniqueness, what it offers, and more, your franchise will be much more likely to stand out amongst other businesses.

When people see your business name, there are positive associations already tied with the brand and will have people in your region more likely to support you through your business endeavor.

3. You have a clear idea of what type of Franchise you are walking into

By choosing to franchise with a company that is well known in the media, you have the opportunity to get to know them as well. The existing marketing and advertising in place will give a potential franchisee a good idea of what they are stepping into and whether they truly align with the overall business goals and values. As mentioned above, the core motives will be involved in every aspect of the business, so it will be important to gain a true understanding of what those mean prior to signing on.

These are the three reasons why established marketing will help you become a franchisee and set up your building blocks for growth. Now it is time to get out there and take your franchise goals to the next level!

Kendall Ansell is an award-winning interior designer who started the successful, female-led construction company, Belle Construction. Belle Construction has recently become a franchise and has been well-prepared for future franchisees through detailed craftsmanship, positive company culture, and well-established marketing practices. If you’re looking for support in franchising, reach out to Kendall Ansell and her team at Belle Construction to learn more!

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