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Welcome to UPS Small Business of the Day powered by CanadianSME, a leading platform for promoting small and medium-sized businesses nationwide. The prime objective of this campaign is to promote and advertise your small business to the masses about its offerings.
UPS Small Business of the Day promotes your small business to improve its potential customer base and brand identity. CanadianSME, together with UPS, the world’s largest package delivery service, assists Canadian small companies in building brand awareness and selling their goods and services.

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UPS Canada

Small Business Shipping Made Easy UPS can help save time and money with our small business shipping solutions, allowing you to spend more time on your business and less time on your shipping.

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Rapid re-skilling, up-skilling and micro-credentials to land a job or grow in the digital marketing industry.

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The premier and most relevant platform for SMEs in Canada. We highlight growing businesses and thought leaders with a strong focus on innovation, growth and marketing to generate the results you believe you are capable of.

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UPS Small Business of the Day Powered by CanadianSME

CanadianSME recognizes and understands the challenges small companies encounter in growing efficiently. Thus, we lend dedicated and ingenuine support to the Canadian small businesses market and grow their businesses online.
We aim to help small businesses promote online using our platform and social media. The Internet has become a playground that effortlessly unites every demographic, making it easy to market your small company to many potential consumers. In collaboration with UPS, we will highlight one small business daily to help you get more “eyes.”

How is UPS Canada Supporting Canadian Small Businesses?

As Per UPS, starting a small business is both an incredible accomplishment and a formidable obstacle. That is why it offers affordable prices, convenient drop-off locations, and an easy-to-navigate website to make shipping a breeze. Plus, you can reach out to UPS ambassadors at any time for assistance and support.
UPS offers small businesses worldwide, local, and Canadian shipping solutions to save time and money. UPS is there to help you maximize your time, whether you’re new or established. Their tools and talents help small firms streamline procedures, improve customer experience, and develop internationally.

Why Supporting Small Businesses Is More Important Than Ever?

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the business community across the world, leading to the closure of several of them. Come 2021, the pandemic mellowed down, and the world economy started reviving, though truth be told, the pandemic’s devastating effects are still lingering making it difficult for businesses to take a steady pace. This is in part due to ongoing geopolitical unrest that has culminated in overall inflation, especially the oil prices
Since its inception, small and independent businesses have helped Canada develop rapidly, boost the economy, create jobs, and help achieve the Canadian dream. With COVID hitting us hard where it hurt the most, it has become imperative that we amp up our efforts to regain the pre-pandemic pace with which our businesses, regardless of their sizes, not only expand but trigger steady economic growth.
About 99% of the Canadian small businesses fuel the economy. They boost direct and indirect taxes, keeping the economy going. Despite popular belief, Canada’s economy is driven by almost 1.2 million small enterprises.

Supporting Women Supports Economic Growth

Are you a woman entrepreneur? Are you looking to enhance your logistical and technical skills, elevate your brand visibility game, and connect with buyers, investors, suppliers and business support organizations? Then UPS Small Businesses is the ideal platform so that you can boost your productivity and efficiency. We can help you attain financial security and independence as a small business entity, leading you up to becoming a high-value, most sought-after enterprise that inspires and influences, all the while realizing its aspirations.

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